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What is Drop Shipping? And what are the Benefits?

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You’re a colonial in early America, history for this country is just beginning but you don’t have time to think about it. You have to get your sister’s shoes to her by next month’s Sunday, or she won’t have them for an important wedding. The only problem is that she lives across the ocean and you have no time to swim across the vast sea. Instead, you wrap the shoes up in a lovely parcel and drop them off onto a ship so it can sail across the sea and get to her in less than a month’s time. Thank goodness you had the option of dropping off the package on a ship, someone else can get the package to her and the fateful Sunday is saved.

Back to the present day: besides the fact that dropping off the package on a ship is similar to the words ‘drop ship’ the ideas, though similar, aren’t exactly the same. So the question becomes, what exactly does it mean to drop ship something? Since Google always explains things best we’ll quote them here:

 “Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.”

In other words, drop shipping is a strategy for order fulfilment where the retailer does not have the product in its personal inventory. Instead, they rely on outside wholesalers or manufacturers to ship orders directly to the customer. So what are the benefits of this magical system you wonder?

5 main benefits to Drop Shipping

A Broad Product Offering

If you are selling something to the public and have your brand in different locations than there are more people you can sell to. For example, if you have a t-shirt company and sell your product at Adidas and Apple you can market your t-shirt brand more openly to the shoe company and the technology company.

Come to Market More Quickly

The more people want your product, the more you can get revenue for the product. However, if it’s just through your company that you sell your product, there won’t be as much of it in stock. Therefore, selling it through a second party means you can get more of your product out into the world.

Explore New Lines

Using the drop shipping method, a company can test out strategies without bringing in the extra inventory. In other words, the second company that sells your product enables the original company to explore and open new opportunities that wouldn’t have been explorable beforehand.

Reduce Your Investment

A dropshipping investment doesn’t require an upfront agreement with the customer, the retailer has the ability to step away. Therefore, the retailer is committing less time and energy to the product and will be able to explore other avenues.

More Time

Allowing a manufacturer to assist your company in sending your product out will allow for a bit of a buffer. The buyer will be happier since the product is getting them so fast because of the second company assisting you in your work.

Like always though, there are downsides such as confusion for any part of this equation (retailer, manufacturer, customer). 

In short, however, drop shipping has its ups and downs. It has the potential to be very beneficial but may not be for everyone. In an even shorter summary: drop shipping is a retailer allowing a manufactory to sell their product and ship it off to the customer once ordered.

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Why should you consider E-commerce?

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In a world full of business and technology we have the option of choosing to purchase something online instead of going to three different stores just to find the one product that we need. When we find something that we deem worthy of having, looking through different shops online can help anyone find exactly the product they were thinking about, in just the way they imagined it. On the flip side, if you personally look for a product that can’t be found you have the option of opening up a small shop and selling your own goods that way. 

The practice of purchasing or selling goods online is called E-commerce (crazy it has a name, I know!). To put it simply, E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet. With the knowledge of E-commerce, the question that must be answered next is, why is this such a beneficial practice; besides the obvious reasons stated above.

E-commerce is beneficial to anyone who takes part in the action. 

Top Advantages of E-commerce

Overcome Geographical Limitations

The biggest advantage of e-commerce is the ability to buy or sell a product all over the world. You’re no longer limited to purchase things just within your community, you can now purchase things in other countries and likewise, you have the chance to sell to someone state lines and across country lines.

Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility

The best part about e-commerce is the fact that your site has the chance to show up on the top of a search engine. When someone looks for ‘shoes with flowers on them’ and your shop has shoes just like that: your product will show up on the search page and bring in more customers!

Locate the Product Quicker

When shopping through a store, it can be slightly difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for and may become frustrating when a store doesn’t have what you came for (even when you called in beforehand and they said they had it!) Instead, you can watch the product online and see when they have what you need in stock. Sometimes they have a product online that they don’t have in store and therefore, more sells will be created.

Eliminate Travel Time and Cost

Having the option to purchase something online gives the added benefit of buying something wherever you are. You can do it at home, while working, while at a friend’s house and decide you need the exact toaster they have. Having this option, you no longer have to take time out of your day to drive across town just for a toaster. Instead, you can place the product in your cart and continue on with your day if you decide to purchase later on. The control is completely in the buyer’s hands, you as the customer who purchases has all of the control in your hands (literally if you’re purchasing with your mobile device).

Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying

The retailer then has the opportunity to add coupons or deals and possibly get more business just through the small bargains they create. People are more likely to buy something with a coupon and often times end up buying more because they have some of the purchases reduced.

In other words, when e-commerce came into the playing field, it changed everyone’s life forever. Whether good or bad, however, you want to define it: our lives were changed. Now we have so many new opportunities and it’s a way to connect with people all over the world. When you think of it like that, it’s beautiful and a magnificent opportunity for a wonderful new development. As the world continues to change, we can either jump aboard, become a part of the new mainstream, or I don’t know, something else a little more depressing.

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How to Rewire Stress Into Positive Thinking

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Stress is often associated with a negative connotation. Just the idea of it scares us. Especially in the business world. Business meetings, weekly reports, and late nights in the office are things that factor into stress. But what if I told you that turning stress from a negative into a positive is just as easy as rethinking it? 

In a study published by the University of Harvard, you find out that the key to empowering stress isn’t from running away from it, but embracing it. Stress affects us physiologically and psychologically. Our bodies tense up and we’re filled with anxiety. By taking a step back and rethinking our stress, we can use it to fuel us in the business world.

Some tips are written in Kelly McGonigal’s book titled The Upside of Stress. Here are a few tips:

  • Is your heart beating faster due to the anxiety of a business meeting? Realize that your body is giving you more energy to perform and try to capitalize upon that.
  • If feeling nervous, pause and consider why, and ask yourself if it’s because you’re doing something that matters to you. In doing so, it’ll reinforce your values and give you meaning in life.
  • Don’t deny the stress, embrace it and use it to fuel the task at hand.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with work, consider doing a small act of kindness for someone and note the mental reward you reap.
  • When experiencing stress, our body releases oxytocin. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the cuddle hormone causes us to seek out social support in friends and loved ones. Find social support and seek out others. 
  • Lastly, denying stress causes isolation. Isolation causes the reinforcement of fears. Instead, ask yourself why you’re experiencing stress and look for any positive aspects to it. Are you learning something from it? Are you gaining strength? Do you feel more alive?  

These are just some of what McGonigal listed in her book. Of course with any habit, it takes a while to change. But over time, you can turn stress from a negative experience, into a transformative one.

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How to Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing has become one of the key ways to drive your message to a larger audience in an organic way. It pinpoints people with larger social followings who have influence over your target audience. Your marketing endeavors are featured through the key influencers instead of you having to do all of the work. 

Big Red Jelly has used influencer marketing through different clients and has found it to be extremely successful. You are not only saving yourself time, money, and resources but you are elevating your marketing strategy by utilizing professionals in the given area.

Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead pay influencers to get out the word for you. For example, a testimonial from an individual influencer such as a journalist, academic, or YouTube personality plays the part of the buyer and talks or writes in length about the product’s features and benefits. 

Here are several statistics associated with influencer marketing:

  • 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities
  • On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing
  • 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective 
  • 51% of marketers believe they get better customers from influencer marketing
  • 59% of marketers increased their influencer marketing budgets last year

Influencer marketing has become such a powerful and effective marketing strategy. People trust what other people have to say nowadays. When you are able to align your brand with an influencer, you are positioning your products or service for a display to his or her already-established large network of individuals who trust what that influencer has to say. 

As inbound marketing is growing in popularity, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective techniques for attracting customers. They are staffed with the responsibility of generating and distributing content about your brand. 

When influencers recommend your brand to their following, they become an extension of your company’s marketing department. Brands rely on influencer marketing as it is a viable solution for marketers who are willing to think outside the box on building trust with their target market. 

Word-of-mouth marketing has taken a real shift overpaid television, magazine and newspaper ads with the power of these unofficial brand ambassadors. Influencer marketing provides an opportunity for companies to leverage the power of social proof, all while relying on those who already have a large following. 

Consumers expect brands to bring the conversation to them, so influencers hold more power than ever before. By partnering with the right influencers, brands can create conversations that relate to their target audience. 

When it comes to reaching out to influencers, it is a balancing act with a trial and error component. Bigger is not always better, while the person with more followers will put your brand in front of more people, the update may not receive as much engagement. Depending on your budget and the level of engagement per follower you want, you may want to look into a micro-influencer or an influencer with a smaller audience in a specific niche. 

If you haven’t dipped your toes into influencer marketing, it’s a good idea as 81% of marketers believe it’s effective. Your brand awareness and ROI could greatly increase with this strategy, so there is no reason to not give it a try. 

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7 Fascinating Facts About Technology 

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7 Fascinating Facts About Technology 

It is amazing, and almost a little scary to think about how advanced technology has become in just a few short decades. Here are some facts that will put what you thought you knew about technology into a whole new perspective. 

1. In the 1950’s PCs went by the name “Electronic Brains”

This truly makes you wonder about the sorts of names we have for modern-day technology that will be made fun of in the future.

2. HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple were all started in garages

Next time you have a great idea you better head straight to your garage!

3. When it was released, the Apple ll had only 5 megabytes of storage on its hard drive.

This is an incredible comparison to the whopping 130 GB you can get on the new Macbooks.

4. 51% of internet traffic is made up of hackers and spammers. 

Seems like 51% of all emails are spam too…

5. The first computer ever was almost 2.5 meters high and weighed almost 60,000 pounds.

Compared to the size and weight of today’s computers it is pretty astonishing to think there could have been a computer that large. 

6. Time magazine named the computer “Man of the Year” in 1982.

No real successful human feelings were hurt in this decision, hopefully..

7. The name Google was actually created by accident. A spelling error was made by the creators who were intentionally going for the name Googol.

For those of you that don’t know what a Googol is, it is the number equivalent to ten raised to the power of a hundred (10100).