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7 Fascinating Facts About Technology 

By August 8, 2019 Technology
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7 Fascinating Facts About Technology 

It is amazing, and almost a little scary to think about how advanced technology has become in just a few short decades. Here are some facts that will put what you thought you knew about technology into a whole new perspective. 

1. In the 1950’s PCs went by the name “Electronic Brains”

This truly makes you wonder about the sorts of names we have for modern-day technology that will be made fun of in the future.

2. HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple were all started in garages

Next time you have a great idea you better head straight to your garage!

3. When it was released, the Apple ll had only 5 megabytes of storage on its hard drive.

This is an incredible comparison to the whopping 130 GB you can get on the new Macbooks.

4. 51% of internet traffic is made up of hackers and spammers. 

Seems like 51% of all emails are spam too…

5. The first computer ever was almost 2.5 meters high and weighed almost 60,000 pounds.

Compared to the size and weight of today’s computers it is pretty astonishing to think there could have been a computer that large. 

6. Time magazine named the computer “Man of the Year” in 1982.

No real successful human feelings were hurt in this decision, hopefully..

7. The name Google was actually created by accident. A spelling error was made by the creators who were intentionally going for the name Googol.

For those of you that don’t know what a Googol is, it is the number equivalent to ten raised to the power of a hundred (10100).

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