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Aaron Webber

Head of Brand Strategy

Aaron is an entrepreneur, but wants to make it clear to those reading that he isn’t just some “Instagram-famous, look at me, candidate on the Bachelorette, sort of entrepreneur.” But as in a real, measurable, actual experience, money-in-the-bank sort of entrepreneur. 

Aaron is always looking to plan, build, grow, and create results. Aaron has done everything from t-shirts to home textiles, from nutritional supplements to the digital sphere. He brings order to chaos. He has successfully led several companies through investment decisions and strategies, guided projects and markets, and taken companies from inception to completion.

Aaron has conducted business in nearly 40 countries (the airlines love him), lived in more than five countries, and is a globally recognized speaker, trainer, and business advisor. His undergraduate degree is in finance and economics and he has his master’s degree from the University of Chicago.

My Areas and Tools of Expertise

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