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Analytic Services.

Bring all of your platforms and their data into one place to better understand how your business is really doing.

Ecommerce & Product Analytics

Gain accurate incite on products performance, and pull data from the most popular Ecommerce platforms to compile it all in one place. These platforms include Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, ect.


Many platforms collect customer data, bring all of that data together to gain incite into customer shopping patterns, create personalized marketing campaigns, and inspire customer loyalty. 

Performance Based Reports

How much time is wasted going from site to site, looking for the data needed, and compiling it into a spreadsheet? Save hours by connecting them all together into one place, track gross revenue, advertising spending, sales tax and so much more.

Total Business Analytics

We've trimmed away all the fat that other agencies are offering you. Our team is here to help combine and simplify the viewing of your analytic reports.

Live Dashboards

Select specific data to be displayed and create beautiful custom dashboards to easily understand the information. Display these live dashboards with TV mode or though a mobile app.


Call, chat, or email; our support team is here to help. Others may have asked the same question, we have compiled extensive resource center for quicker answers.

Constant Updates

The world of business and sales is an ever changing landscape, We are always looking to add new features to better serve our members.

Data Display

With 20+ visuals and completely customizable reports, there are endless ways to display your data and share it with your team.

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