Ashton Hopper

Growth Strategist

Ashton grew up in Richfield, Utah but was restless at heart. Starting at the age of 19 he started bouncing around. He has lived in England, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alaska. Although he’s had adventures near and far, he keeps coming back to Utah for the beautiful mountains, the great people, and his family! He currently lives in Utah Valley with his wife and two kids. Ashton is a Growth Strategist at Big Red Jelly. 

As a Growth Strategist, Ashton oversees and maintains marketplaces i.e. Wix, Clutch, Breef, Fiverr, Bark, social media, and many more! It is his responsibility to make sure that we have a healthy amount of leads turning into clients from the various marketplaces. Ashton has an uncanny ability to connect with people. He takes customer service to the next level. He credits a lot of his success at BRJ to never before working with “a more willing group of people to provide support and motivation to obtain your goals.” Ashton is the life of the party in the office. His booming laugh is contagious!

One of the great things about Ashton – that makes him a great salesman – is that he has no public shame. Just ask him about his Britney Spears karaoke performance on the company cruise… During the summer you can find him at the lake. Whether he’s paddle boarding, boating, or just swimming, the lake is his happy place! His love for adventure has taken him to some awesome places. The list includes Whales, the Isle of Man, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada, and…the ER. He has had a serious injury/surgery on average every 4 years. The last happened in 2018, so he’s due for another in 2022. Our team wouldn’t be the same without Ashton!

UX/UI Design






What drives your work?

“It doesn’t cost more to strive for excellence, but if you settle for mediocrity, it’ll cost you dearly.” – Frank Sonnenberg. I decided a long time ago that I would always strive to be my best self. Whether that be in my personal or professional life, I will always strive for “excellence” and never settle.

What’s next in the world of digital marketing and strategy?

Algorithms will rule the world. We will all be subject to formulas and equations that will present information in such a strategic way that will effectively stop using the term marketing or sales and will simply be referred to as Conversion Managers and Conversion Reps.

Areas of Expertise

Website Platforms
WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify
Design Tools
Adobe Creative Cloud Products
Hubspot, WooCommerce
UX/UI Design, WordPress/WooCommerce Design

My Promise to You

I promise that I will seek to understand first. Too many times business professionals don’t take the time to recognize their client’s true concerns. As a growth strategist here at Big Red Jelly, it is my job to hear and understand your concerns before I share what I feel is the best solution.

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