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Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

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Podcasts are one of the newest forms of entertainment. They are trending right now and currently, there are over 700,000 active podcasts. Podcasts exist for many reasons. People make podcasts about true crime stories, how our society is doing, comedy, lifestyles, etc. Often times though, many businesses don’t realize that podcasts are a great source of outreach. Here’s why your business needs a podcast.

Build a bigger and more personal audience

By making a podcast, you reach out to more than just your normal audience. By posting podcasts on applications such as Spotify and iTunes, businesses can build a following of listeners. Through podcasts, you’re able to give your business a personal touch. Listeners often feel like they build rapport with who is speaking when they listen to a podcast even though it’s a one-sided medium. 

Podcasts are easy to produce

Your business doesn’t need fancy equipment to produce a podcast! All you need is a recording device and a computer with editing software. From there, hit the record button and you’re on your way to producing your business’s first podcast. As mentioned above, applications like Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud are easy enough to build your business’s podcast following. 

It’s a great addition to your marketing mix

Most businesses use Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to market themselves. By adding a podcast to your business, you’re increasing your reach. Podcast listeners almost always subscribe to the podcast that they’re listening to. Just like other forms of marketing, others will recommend your podcasts to those they feel will like it.

Podcasts are very helpful for businesses. They’re great for marketing and building a personal relationship with your audience. Podcasts are continuing to grow and are great because they’re something someone can listen to on their commutes while cooking, or even just while they’re at the gym. Big Red Jelly is currently making its debut into the podcast industry and is utilizing all of the information listed above to build itself into a steady podcast.

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Tips on How to Be a Successful Intern

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Internships can make or break. Through internships, you can learn exactly what it is you want to do. Whether they are paid for or not can add to the stress of a college student. But as an intern, you can learn so much and even get hired where you’re interning at! Here are a few tips on how to stand out as an intern:

Engage With Your Team

Be involved with the people you’re interning with! The people you’re interning with have the potential to become your official coworkers. Get to know who they are and what they’re like. It’s always important to build close relationships with your fellow interns and mentors. Do you see a fellow intern struggling with something you know how to do? Help them out. Build that friendship up and help them succeed.

Always Be Ready to Learn, Don’t Be a Coffee Runner

Within the intern workplace, there will always be opportunities to learn. Ask your mentors if there are any tasks that you could help with. Don’t know how to do a task? Just go ahead and ask! Looking for new opportunities shows your mentors that you’re ready and willing to do more work. Someone that doesn’t take opportunities to learn ends up becoming what is known as a “coffee runner”.  Coffee runners are those that never take the time to learn new work and end up becoming people that are taking coffee to others. 

Be Hands-On, Don’t Be a Floater

Following up from the prior tip, be hands-on! Don’t just sit back and watch your mentors. Try to mimic what they’re teaching you as they are teaching you. Floaters just sit back and watch their mentors work. By doing this, they’ll think you’re lazy and just want the bare minimum experience. Be the one that works beside them on projects. They will notice that you’re working hard and will take note when it comes time to decide who gets hired on!

These are just a few tips on how to stand out as an intern. These tips were provided by those that had originally started out as interns. But by working hard, they were able to stand out among the rest of their fellow interns and get hired onto the company they were interning for! By following these tips and many others, you can get the best out of your internship and make a few friends along the way. 

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How to Rewire Stress Into Positive Thinking

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Stress is often associated with a negative connotation. Just the idea of it scares us. Especially in the business world. Business meetings, weekly reports, and late nights in the office are things that factor into stress. But what if I told you that turning stress from a negative into a positive is just as easy as rethinking it? 

In a study published by the University of Harvard, you find out that the key to empowering stress isn’t from running away from it, but embracing it. Stress affects us physiologically and psychologically. Our bodies tense up and we’re filled with anxiety. By taking a step back and rethinking our stress, we can use it to fuel us in the business world.

Some tips are written in Kelly McGonigal’s book titled The Upside of Stress. Here are a few tips:

  • Is your heart beating faster due to the anxiety of a business meeting? Realize that your body is giving you more energy to perform and try to capitalize upon that.
  • If feeling nervous, pause and consider why, and ask yourself if it’s because you’re doing something that matters to you. In doing so, it’ll reinforce your values and give you meaning in life.
  • Don’t deny the stress, embrace it and use it to fuel the task at hand.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with work, consider doing a small act of kindness for someone and note the mental reward you reap.
  • When experiencing stress, our body releases oxytocin. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the cuddle hormone causes us to seek out social support in friends and loved ones. Find social support and seek out others. 
  • Lastly, denying stress causes isolation. Isolation causes the reinforcement of fears. Instead, ask yourself why you’re experiencing stress and look for any positive aspects to it. Are you learning something from it? Are you gaining strength? Do you feel more alive?  

These are just some of what McGonigal listed in her book. Of course with any habit, it takes a while to change. But over time, you can turn stress from a negative experience, into a transformative one.