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Cheap Social Media for Restaurants

Restaurant Marketing And Branding

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Calling all Restaurants!


Restaurants have an uphill battle at acquiring customers; it is harder today than ever before. Rarely customers will come into your restaurant without checking your online presence and later telling their friends about their experience.


What can your restaurant do to increase customer traffic?


Upgrade Your Social Media

  • People love photos of food, and their first stop for them is social media. From customer favorites to daily specials, show off your chefs’ creations. No need for a professional camera; you can use the one on your phone. Make sure to focus straight on the food and find indirect natural lighting for the best results (Serious Eats, 2015). Don’t forget to encourage customers to tag your restaurant in their own foodie photos!


  • Have a special event or promotion? Social media is the easiest and cheapest way to communicate this information to potential and current customers. Online-only promotions can help increase your customer following.


  • Viewers welcome and expect creativity on these platforms. Your account must have a variety of post types; without it viewers will lose interest and unfollow you. Whether you introduce one of your staff members or show a chef making a recipe, any ideas can improve your following and customer base (Thompson, 2017)


Restaurant Photography

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

  • Once you gain a customer, keep them! Retaining customers saves money as they are cheaper than acquiring new ones (Gallo, 2014). Also, these loyal customers often spread good words about your restaurant and bring in new customers without any cost to you.


  • Make a loyalty program. Not only can customers receive rewards from visiting your restaurant or purchasing food or drinks, you can include social media tasks in that programs. For example, have them check in at your restaurant, tag the restaurant in their photos, or like/comment on the restaurant’s posts.


  • A customer loved your restaurant? Ask if they will write an online review. Not only will this add to your positive reviews, the reviewing customer is more likely to hold their opinions of you for longer and spread them on to others (Cialdini, 2001).


  • A customer didn’t love your restaurant? Offer them ways to express their negative opinions before they take them online. Whether you distribute review request cards or speak with them in person, reducing their negative opinions before they leave the restaurant will also reduce their negative online reviews (Wenzi, 2016). Any press is not necessarily good press for restaurants.


Overall, restaurants need strong and creative social media accounts to bring in customers. To retain them, rewarding loyalty and feedback goes a long way. To learn more about specific restaurant branding and marketing tactics, learn more here!


What breeds creativity?

Creativity: Learned or Innate?

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Do you need to hire a creative mind or can you and your current employees learn to be creative?



The days of a good product or service succeeding by itself have passed. Businesses need creativity in every aspect from start to sell. Sparking the question: How can you improve your business’ creativity?



Do you need to hire a creative mind or can you and your current employees learn to be creative? This question is highly debated. However, no matter the answer, you will improve your own and employees’ creativity more if you BELIEVE you can.

Growth and Fixed Mindsets

Carol Dweck’s “growth mindset” is exactly that. An individual who believes they can develop their talents, including those in creativity: “I’ll try it, my creativity can improve.” Unlike someone with a predominately fixed mindset, who assumes their DNA determines their abilities: “I can’t do that, I’m not creative.”

However, these two mindsets are not mutually exclusive. As Dweck states, “Everyone is actually a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets… A ‘pure’ growth mindset doesn’t exist,” (Dweck, 2016). No matter how prevalent you perceive your growth mindset to be, certain situations trigger you to shut down (The Atlantic). When this happens, awareness of the situation can prevent you from falling into your fixed mindset and allowing your growth mindset to reemerge.

The Growth Mindset and Your Employees

Not only can the growth mindset help improve your own talents, research shows it can boost your company’s atmosphere as well. The Harvard Business Review reports that “growth-mindset firms have happier employees and more innovative, risk taking culture.” When companies embody a growth mindset, employees collaborate more, a crucial element in creativity.

The Growth Mindset and Your Business

Why are most businesses failing to promote growth mindsets? The process to adopt one is slightly difficult; mission statements won’t cover it. Your company must fully commit to the growth mindset and the specific ways of rewarding effort.

Effort alone does not produce a successful business (Dweck, 2016). You need to reward the learning process, collaboration, innovation, risk-taking, and individual development (The Atlantic). However, many companies have retained their talent-oriented structures, which encourage more cheating and deception, and less collaboration among employees (Dweck, 2016). Creativity sprouts when no one fears they will lose their job over wrong or inferior ideas.

Whether or not creativity is a learned or innate ability, believing that your people can grow is the first step in achieving your goals. A growth mindset won’t directly cause creativity; however, the mindset builds a foundation that encourages abilities to develop. The next step? Learn from creative people (like us at Big Red Jelly) who can guide you on your business’ journey to creativity!

Branding for small Utah Businesses is important

Utah Small Businesses: “Simplify Your Marketing”

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Investors now welcome Utah-based companies to the investing table since many technology/software businesses like Qualtrics, Pluralsight, and Domo had risen over $1 billion (New York Times).


So, how does this affect your small business? Customers and investors compare your digital marketing to Utah technology powerhouses and see that you’re lagging.


Small businesses need to step up and refresh their digital marketing games to match big businesses’ credibility and online presences. Owners need to simplify their marketing: rediscover and specify their brands, implement modern tactics, and track and improve the customization of those tactics.

  1. Rediscover and Specify Your Brand

Branding: one of the most important aspects of your small business. Without a specific brand, buyers can’t distinguish your company from competitors. A good brand builds credibility, loyalty, and an emotional connection to customers. Ultimately, well-developed brands push customers to “see you as the sole provider to their solution or need,” (The Balance) and motivate them to buy.

As Lake stated, “A brand should require very little thought and contemplation.” Example: Utah’s new brand, the “Silicon Slopes,” relates Utah’s tech prowess to Silicon Valley’s while highlighting its unique qualities.


      2. Implement Modern Tactics

Modern marketing tactics for small businesses

Today, your small business needs to have a powerful online presence to reach potential customers. Also, matching big businesses’ modern tactics, such as captivating content, social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and intriguing web design, while employing cost-effective strategies, is essential for any small business. However, owners rarely succeed in implementing, continuing, and updating their tactics and strategies; often, they cut digital marketing first to save money and stress.

Attention: effective digital marketing does not entail breaking the banking and stressing you out! Big Red Jelly helps you determine specific tactics and strategies for your business and fulfills all your digital marketing needs, from captivating content and social media marketing to web design and SEO.


   3.  Track and Improve Customization of Tactics

Remember, all businesses and industries differ from one another. Therefore, your business needs to customize digital marketing tactics and strategies to match your needs and customer base. Then, you should track tactics’ progress to prevent funds from going to waste. Once you have gathered tracking information, you can tweak or change tactics, depending on success, to make each dollar count.

Small businesses, hit the reset button! Simplify your marketing: rediscover and specify your brand, implement modern tactics, and track and improve customization of tactics. You’ll save money and increase revenue without increasing your stress level (with Big Red Jelly’s help)!