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6 Brothers Pest Control

How Big Red Jelly Helped 6 Brothers Pest Control Increase Their Conversion Rate Above the Industry Average

About 6 Brothers Pest Control

How It Started

After a successful career selling pest services door-to-door in the early 2000’s, 6 brothers decided to come together to found their own pest control company based on quality and family friendly service: 6 Brothers Pest Control.

What We Did

6 Brothers Pest Control worked with Big Red Jelly to re-design their website and sign up for ongoing support & strategy so they could take their business to the next level.

The Website

We rebuilt their website with the goal of making online conversions easier. To do this, we gave their website a more modern design to display their services and locations more clearly. An online scheduler was added to the website. It’s always displayed in the bottom corner. This makes it easier for people to schedule online, increasing conversion rates.



The Results

6 Brothers VS Industry Standard

Average Pest Control Company

6 Brothers Pest Control

Increased Conversion Rates

After a website redesign and working with an expert support strategist, 6 Brothers Pest Control was able to increase their conversion rates to 18.6%, triple the industry average for most home service and pest control companies.

Even though these are great conversion rates, we are continuing to closely monitor their analytics and website data to increase that as much as we can.