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Chloe Hoye

Brand and Build Strategist

A true Michigander, Chloe was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She recently moved to Lehi, Utah to work as a Brand Strategist for Big Red Jelly. Prior to Big Red Jelly, Chloe worked as a graphic designer for Eastern Michigan University, where she graduated. 

Chloe loves all things design. Adobe Illustrator and Procreate are her tools of choice within given projects. She loves illustrative work, funky fonts, and a good logo challenge. Combine that with meeting new clients, and she thrives within the agency life. 

Outside of work, you can find Chloe on her own adventures. She loves spending time in nature, exploring new places. Hiking, bike riding, walking, journaling, wood burning and exploring new recipes are her favorite hobbies. You can find her anywhere, from the trees to the mountains she goes!







My Areas and Tools of Expertise

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What drives your work?

Working at a digital agency means that I get to help people bring their business to life through messaging and visuals. I absolutely love meeting new clients, learning who they are and their industry, and collaborating with them to create something as unique as they are.

How do I avoid burnout as a designer? Empowering my own creativity through different mediums is something that gets the juices flowing and helps me maintain self motivation. Wood burning, murals for clients, sketches… I could go on and on. Experimenting through different mediums challenges and helps me grow as an artist/designer.

What’s next in the world of web building?

Technology allows for the creation of many businesses each day, who are always trying to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. Understanding who you are and how to accurately represent your brand through your messaging and visuals will help you stay true to your brand. With the growing business world, I believe more and more businesses will seek out ways to define themselves and really connect with their audience. The way you brand yourself is a powerful tool within marketing, and combining those tools with creativity will allow your business to thrive. 

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My Promise to You

I promise to listen to you and understand your needs as we collaborate to create a brand that is as awesome as you. I strive for your voice and visuals to shine through as we capture the attention of your audience. It’s time to create! 

What My Clients Are Saying

McCain Kennedy
SetFire Creative

Gail Owusu
Opoku Catering 

Michelle Johnston
Coach MJ

Chloe is HIGHLY recommended!! Blown away with her work ethic, creativity, attitude, punctuality, - we could go on!! Such a great vibe and definitely an asset to Big Red Jelly!!

CarlosBusiness Owner

I was referred by a friend who recommended Big Red Jelly. I used them for a company logo, business cards, company letterhead. We discussed what we wanted the logo to look. Chloe put together 8 logos that I absolutely loved! The trick was narrowing it down to 1. Couldn’t be happier with how smooth the process has gone. Thanks Chloe and thank you Big Red Jelly!

Travis RomneyRoofing and Restoration by Romney

My wife, Guita and I had the pleasure of working with Chloe Hoye. She was super knowledgeable, very friendly and she did an awesome job designing our website. Chloe accommodated our schedule and gave great support even after we went live. I highly recommend Big Red Jelly and suggest you request to work with Chloe Hoye. You will be happy you did.

Jeff MorganHair by Guita

Chloe, Ben, and the whole team at Big Red Jelly are absolutely fantastic. We referred a lot of work to them before, but we’ve also used them for our own projects and I recommend them frequently. They do great work, they have a seamless process and they make it really easy to get your project finished. Chloe is a very, VERY talented designer and has great communication skills as well. I couldn’t be happier with the whole process. 🙂

Annie DavisDavis Designs

I have been SOOO impressed with the Big Red Jelly team. They are genuine, honest, hard-working and eager to do what is best for the customer. Definitely one of the best companies I've interacted with. Chloe did a rockin' job with our landing page. I would highly recommend them.

Jeremiah StettlerSocial5

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