Personal Branding

Leverage your most valuable marketing and sales asset… Your people.

Our personal branding experts have spent years designing a custom personal brand strategy and marketing package for corporations that encompasses social media, website, content, sales, motivation, tracking and more.


More reach in brand messages shared by employees compared to the brand itself for the same message.


More shares on social media for a brand message when shared by employees compared to the brand itself.


More engagement on social media when brand messages are shared by employees compared to the brand itself.


More frequently that leads are closed when developed through employees social media channels.


Portion of sales reps who outsell their peers when using social media as part of their sales strategy.


The top concern for business executives around the world is reputation damage.

92 %

Of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands.

Statistics referenced from several sources: | May, 2019

Personal Branding
The solution is simple… Empower your employees and leverage their networks/influence to grow your company like never before.

Through our proven and effective personal branding curriculum and marketing package, any business will witness the exponential growth and sales that comes through empowering your employees and executive. For too long personal branding has been relegated to CEOs, with the awakening of the digital world, smart businesses will empower their employees and grow their brand at un-precedented speed.

The Process


Scope The Scope

Our experts combine online analytics, your feedback and face to face strategy session to better understand your company personal branding needs.

Train and Motivate

High level, detailed trainings for all of your team members, including hands on break out sessions to setup and optimize personal digital platforms.

Market and Track Growth

Through effective customized strategy, our experts help create, share and grow your content channels, leveraging your personal brands for optimal sales.
Personal Brandin

The Deliverables

Explore what our team will do for your company.

Initial Strategy Session & Research

Our team starts by assessing your company's most urgent personal branding and marketing needs. Using Google Analytics and info-gathering sessions, we can begin to customize your strategy.

Company Training & Workshop

A 2 -3 hour in-depth personal branding seminar and hands-on workshop. Designed to take all of your employees and team members to the next level of personal branding.

Executive Specific Training

Effective leaders need to position themselves as thought leaders within their industry. During this strategic session we are able to work 1 to 1 with your leaders and optimize their brand.

Personal Brand Websites & Digital Assets

Our expert designers and developers start work, building custom personal brand websites and digital platforms for your team and/or leaders.

Social Media Audit & Optimization

Cut through the white noise and rise above the competition. We optimize all social media, content, and digital strategies of your team to drive optimal results.

Content Creation & Sharing (optional)

Our digital marketing experts research, curate, create, edit and share custom and 100% original content across all of your platforms.

Digital Marketing Management (optional)

Social media management, targeted online advertising, website management, lead generation, SEO, email marketing, content creation and more.

Reporting and Optimization (optional)

Using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and several other cutting-edge digital tracking tools, our expert will be able to measure and report on specific ROI metrics that are important to you.

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Josh and his team from Big Red Jelly were awesome! They really listened to exactly what we needed to get done from our website and made it happen for us! Very diligent team, would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cool website to be made!

Sarah Kahn

Great team to work with! Big Red Jelly gave us everything we needed and were quick to resolve any modifications we wanted. We took our time (indecisive) and they were patient and helpful throughout the entire process. For the money you can’t beat it!


The team at Big Red Jelly have been extremely helpful with my website design. They were great at keeping me updated on the progress and finding solutions to my changing needs with the website. They are fast and professional with their work.

Heather McKell

Our website was done quickly and easily. The team at Big Red Jelly don't hesitate to tell you what they think is best for your website, and we appreciate their pushback. They were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were happy with the final product.

Aaron Webber JR

The Team


Digital Marketing & Personal Branding


Brand Strategy & Consulting


Content Writing & Lead Generation


Social Media Marketing


UX/UI Web Design


Analytics and Reporting


Email Marketing and Design


Design & Social Media Marketing


Content Creation

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Is a personal branding strategy right for my company or group?

Housing Industry

Real estate, mortgage, title and more. These groups are great examples of businesses that experience immediate marketing growth by allowing their agents to better leverage their personal brand, reach and network through effective personal branding.

Large professional groups

Law groups, dentists, chiropractors, insurance agencies etc. Companies that employee high-level professionals experience increases in marketing reach, leads, and sales when empowering their professionals to better showcase their experience with their personal networks.

Large sales companies

Door to door sales, Direct Sales companies, etc. You've seen the data, high level sales groups should evolve with the most cutting edge sales and marketing approaches today, effective personal branding and self-marketing.

Executives and Leaders

Business leaders are a personification of the company the company they represent. It is imperative that the personal image and brand uplift and enhance their business. This is the new, effective, measurable PR that every large business needs.


Reach out to our team for more information. We offer complimentary personal brand audits and consultations for large groups and businesses.




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