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"The Key to Engaging Content? Think Bigger, Bolder and Braver."

- Anne Handley

Video Project for Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute

We enjoy employing a variety of cutting edge video production and editing techniques in order to both inform and captivate your video audiences.  Video is king when it comes to reach and engagement on digital platforms. Check it out!

Now Let’s Have Some Fun

Join Us As We Explore The Cities That We Call Home


UVU, Timpanogos High School, Orem High School, Mountain Biking, Golf, City Library and more.


Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, Brigham Young University, College Football, Provo Temple, Beautiful Fall Colors and more.

Salt Lake City

The Utah Jazz, University of Utah, College Football, Westminster, Downtown Salt Lake City, Hogle Zoo, and more.

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Yes Please

Now Let’s Have Some Fun

Join Us As We Explore The Cities That We Call Home

Patrick Adair Design Carbon Fiber Ring Photoshoot in Sundance Utah
Photoshoot for Patrick Adair Design unique handmade and custom carbon fiber rings
Custom and handmade carbon fiber rings by Patrick Adair Designs
Patrick Adair Design Damascus Rings in Sundance Utah
Sundance, Utah

Patrick Adair Designs

We enjoyed organizing a group of local social media influencers and models for this outdoor winter photoshoot to feature the design and unique handmade style of Patrick Adair Designs rings.

American Fork, Utah

Phat Axe

What a blast! Our team captured some unforgettable moments for opening day at this local axe throwing venue, we had some close calls trying to get just the right angle, but it was all well worth it!

Phat Axe in American Fork Utah
Axe throwing venues in Utah
Product photography and black and white photography in Salt Lake City
The owner of Phat Axe in American Fork, Utah
Tara Teaspoon and food photography in Utah County
Tara Teaspoon and our photoshoot for this amazing foodie blogger out of New York
Cost effective food and menu photography for restaurants and bars in Salt Lake City, Utah
Photoshoot for Tara Tsp in Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

Tara Teaspoon

Anytime we get to do photoshoots with Tara Teaspoon, we’ll always say yes! Not only is she a natural in the kitchen and in front of the camera, but a rewarding homemade meal by one of the nation’s leading recipe developers is unforgettable.

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