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Hyrum Vilorio

Growth Strategist

Hyrum was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida (just north of Miami), and moved to Utah in 2019.  He loves music, food, sports and exercising. He grew up playing competitive soccer and basketball, and he later got into volleyball. When he is not in school or at work, you can find him playing sports, exercising, or spending time with friends. He finds great joy in helping others. He also loves everything about entrepreneurship, and one of his future dreams is to be one someday. This is why he enjoys working at Big Red Jelly. He gets to join calls with all types of entrepreneurs and strategize with them to help grow their business, which he finds very inspiring and motivating. He also helped create the affiliate program and is excited to watch it grow. Oh, and did I mention that he is a big time foodie? He is.

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Meet Your Growth Strategist, Hyrum!

What drives your work?

I am very passionate about anything and everything having to do with entrepreneurship. I love the different creative ideas and skills from different business owners and I love to watch their companies grow. It’s exciting to have the privilege to talk with many business owners and be a part of their growth. I want to watch them succeed! I want to learn from our clients. They help me as much as I help them.

What’s next in the world of web building?

I believe that this world will one day be completely involved in the digital world. Everything is transitioning to digital, from requesting a service or shopping. Soon, there will be little need for shopping centers and malls because people will rather do their shopping from the comfort of their homes. This is why it is so vital for companies to start making transitions and emphasize their online presence. We can already see examples of a decrease in malls around the nation and even big companies that sadly don’t exist anymore.

Hyrum Vilorio - growth expert strategist BRJ

More about Hyrum!

My Promise to You

I can promise honesty and nothing but good intentions from my part. I will direct you towards the best route for the success and growth of your companies. I promise to do my very best to set you up for success and give you everything that you need to prosper. I will work with you and make sure that I hear your voice in order to incorporate that into everything I do when working at your company.

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