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Jake LeDoux

Accounting Specialist

Jake provides top-notch accounting services to private companies across various industries, including construction, advertising, manufacturing, and recreational vehicle sales and service. With over three years of experience, he is an expert who has honed his skills by managing day-to-day accounting needs and preparing financial reporting packages that meet the unique requirements of each client.

He possesses a unique combination of visual awareness and organizational skills, making him the ideal choice for managing complex financial tasks. Jake is also competent with software such as Word and Excel, and has a problem-solving mentality that enables him to quickly find solutions to any challenges that arise. Additionally, he is proficient in several industry-standard accounting software programs, including QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, ComputerEase, Xero, and Lizzy, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in all his work.

My Areas and Tools of Expertise

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What My Clients Are Saying


SetFire Creative


Opoku Catering


Coach MJ


Sebo Marketing

I've had the opportunity to work with Josh for a couple of months now. He is a great leader and keeps a great environment in the office. Josh is hard working and brings out creativity and drive in everyone that he works with. Our team is constantly motivated to be their best because of the example he sets. Josh is effective and efficient in all that he does and he only puts his best foot forward. I have enjoyed working with him and with such a great company.

Callie HendersonEmployee

I have had the pleasure to work with Josh for many years now. I am always impressed with the leadership and work ethic that Josh radiates. He is a standout leader in the digital marketing world. His organizational skills, creativity, and communication skills are unparalleled. He consistently seeks to improve workflow, processes, and promote proactivity and efficiency. I have learned a multitude of important lessons while working with him. The influence he brings into a team has and will always be beneficial.

John GiahiKaskade Homes

One of the (many) reasons I choose to work at Big Red Jelly is the leadership. Josh values his employees and makes sure they are heard, doesn't micro manage, and is transperant. One thing that has taken my design skill to the next level is his knowledge and personal skill. I am always amazed at the time he takes to stay up to date with all aspects of our processes to make every project is simple and smooth as possible. I personally have never worked at a job where your leader can & does everything the team does plus more. This kind of leadership drives me to continue to improve every day.

Connor BiggarEmployee

Josh has a great ability to lead and encourage all those around him to inspire innovation and create processes. He has a unique skill where he is able to look at a process, issue or problem and instantly think of multiple ways to improve it. He is an innovator at heart and brings out the best in those around him. As a leader he can’t be match. I highly recommend him for any position he might come into.

Ben WebberCo-Founder

Josh is an excellent leader and mentor. He is fun to work with and makes each employee and Big Red Jelly feel valued. Josh is an expert in web design as well as client communication. He consistently seeks to improve processes to promote proactive and efficient work. I have been incredibly impressed with the workload that Josh juggles and the quality work that he provides.

Brittany OuimetteEmployee

Josh is a natural leader. I met Josh through a mutual connection which opened an opportunity to intern at his start up called "Big Red Jelly." Since interning there I've learned a lot from Josh on management. I came in with no experience in social media marketing. Nevertheless, he gave me the necessary resources and tools to succeed. Not only that, but he was there every step of the way to correct me and help me reach my potential. Josh is someone who can take raw material and make something great out of it. That is something he is excellent at. I believe strongly that he can have the same influence on any business that works with him!

Eduardo ZamoraSale Development Representative at Swell

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