Array Energy 

Array Energy 

Array Energy 

Brand Style Guide for Array Energy 

Brand Style Guide for Array Energy 

Brand Style Guide for Array Energy 

Brand Development for Array Energy

Array Energy is a solar sales company that offers industry-leading EV charging stations and solar products that are efficient and affordable. We developed new branding material such as a customized logo, color palette, typography guidelines and more to help them establish their brand.

Project Hurdles and Goals

Array Energy wanted to solidify its brand identity and the first step was to figure out how to properly implement its brand. They needed compelling and engaging visuals to display their exciting brand that reflected their core values and brand messaging. Key areas of focus: 

  • Engaging logo design variations
  • Proper usage and brand implementation
  • Color palettes that reflect the brand
  • Typography and variations that reflect the brand

Creating a Unified Brand

We created an organized and beautiful brand presentation for Array Energy to give them a competitive edge over their competitors.

Our customized brand book gave Array Energy access to:

  • Customized logo
  • Engaging logo Variations
  • Visual Identity
  • Primary Brand Assets
mockup featuring a horizontal magazine lying open on a solid color surface at Big Red Jelly

Brand Messaging, Visuals, Strategy and Implementation

After solidifying their branding strategy, our experts were able to develop effective brand visuals that would turn viewers into loyal future customers.

The Final Product

To assist Array Energy on their mission to deliver affordable and efficient solar solutions, we equipped them with a beautiful, unique, and new brand. With a new professional brand, Array Energy can now create powerful marketing content and drive online sales.

Branding that will help your business grow

Brand Research

We first explore your purpose, target market, business goals and industry to better position your brand for optimal growth and success.

Internal Brand Messaging

Before any visual branding or marketing you must clearly understand WHO you are as a company and solidify that vision in a succinct way.

External Brand Messaging

After developing your internal brand and understanding WHO you are, your business is in a better place to highlight your unique value propositions and connect with the right clients.

Brand Design

Finally, we can put pen to paper and design captivating visuals that attract, convert and keep your ideal customers and clients.


Shared Values Account for 64% of Brand Relationships


A ‘Signature Color’ for Your Brand Boosts Recognition By 80%


You Have 7 Seconds to Make Your First Impression

We firmly believe that effective branding evokes a certain emotional response from customers, such as loyalty, love, or comfort, and we were thrilled to help Array Energy connect with its ideal customer base and grow their business.

Mallory BaldwinBrand Strategist

The Big Red Jelly Difference

Big Red Jelly was brought on board by Array Energy to completely revamp their branding. With our proven process, top-notch talent, and wealth of expertise, we set out to create a brand that would help Array Energy achieve their growth objectives. Our approach began by reverse engineering from the core of their business, their “WHY,” and then developing a captivating story, vision, and aesthetic that would resonate with their target audience and inspire customer loyalty.

We started the project by conducting a discovery phase to gain a deep understanding of Array Energy’s audience, industry, founder vision, and employee insights. From there, we crafted a tailored strategy that aligned our teams, tools, and resources with Array Energy’s specific needs. Before diving into the brand visuals, we worked on developing their internal and external messaging, ensuring that it was consistent and aligned with their overarching branding strategy. Finally, we put our design skills to work, creating a stunning visual identity that truly represents the brand and resonates with their customers. Experience the difference that Big Red Jelly’s world-class branding process can make for your business.

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