Fincas valverde webpage computer mockup - brand building and wordpress designer at Big Red Jelly.

Fincas Valverde

What we built:

  • Custom designed WordPress site
  • Engaging visuals
  • Integration of multiple purchase models
  • Reward points system
  • Focus on storytelling experience
Fincas Valverde product ecommerce webpage computer mockup - branding and wordpress designer at Big Red Jelly.
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Captivating carousel of the most popular products

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Sales Promotions

Sale badge, banner that appears when hovering, and highlighted promotion price

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What They Do

From the lush farmlands of Bolivia to the warmth of your home, Fincas Valverde controls of every step of their coffee-making process to ensure the perfect brew, every time. Not only are they dedicated to making great coffee, they also grow it in a sustainable way and prioritize the well-being of the local farmers and their communities.

Fincas Valverde webpage computer mockup - brand building and wordpress designer at Big Red Jelly.
Fincas valverde mobile optimization - website design and support at Big Red Jelly.

What We Did

As they were entering the U.S. market, Fincas Valverde wanted a fresh new look on the company’s website and other digital platforms. As such, we spent a lot of time focusing on the brand’s unique storytelling experience to create compelling content for their web pages.

We also set up a robust online store with both subscription and one-time purchase options, as well as the ability to choose different bag sizes and home delivery frequencies. We integrated Klaviyo, their CRM, to make email subscriptions easier to manage.

Digital Tools Integrated

Wordpress logo - website designing platform Big Red Jelly tool for website building.
Klaviyo company logo - Big Red Jelly partner tool
Fincas full website design and optimizations by Big Red Jelly web building

About This Project

Our team really enjoyed working on Fincas Valverde! Vivid photography combined with strong storytelling make for a compelling ecommerce web design. You can learn more about Fincas Valverde here, or you can visit our portfolio to see more of our functional, beautiful web designs!

We ended up settling on WordPress over Shopify for Fincas Valverde’s website because we felt it was a better fit for their focus on storytelling. The build uses 5 or 6 different integrations, the most prominent being Klaviyo, their customer relationship management software.

If you’re interested in doing an ecommerce web design, we recommend considering the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress and Shopify to make sure your site is on the right platform. In addition, if you’re in the coffee industry, you should incorporate rustic images and emphasize sustainability to create a more attractive overall package.

Fincas Valverde was an advanced package project that took about 6 weeks from start to finish, comprised of 17 unique pages.

“Fincas Valverde was a pleasure to work with. They expect only the highest quality in their coffee, their brand, and their customers experience. One of my favorite projects I've worked on so far simply because of their passion for great coffee, community, and for changing the coffee industry for the better.”

Sierra MendonsaBrand Director

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