We let the results of this rugby hype video speak for themselves!  Here at Big Red Jelly we strive to capture the energy and passion of your business, product, or service and position it in the best way possible to build your loyal customer base.

The Utah Warriors is Utah's first professional rugby team. Rugby is now a pro sport in the United States and we help the Utah Warriors lead the way in branding, content creation and social media marketing. Our goal is to sell more rugby game tickets, through effective sports marketing and advertising in Utah we will attain that goal.


When the right content is shared strategically across your digital platforms, whether that be social media, website, blog, or other, it will attract your target customer.  The Utah Warriors Rugby team saw an immediate increase in social media activity and website visitors, however, we didn’t stop there.

With consistent content creation and social media strategy The Utah Warriors brand continues to lead the country in rugby brand image and reach.


Rugby social media can be competitive but our team strives to be the leaders in sports marketing for rugby and alternative sports. Share your team's success on social media and across digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Website and more.