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Details about Web Support Requests

Digital Support and Strategy includes web support services, where our team of experts completes requests support or design edit requests. Our team is comprised of web design experts and we can help ensure that your website design edit requests are completed efficiently. This includes the following areas of web support requests:

What we do for Web Support requests:

  • Minor design edits
  • Adding testimonials
  • Adding imagery/visuals
  • Editing colors, fonts, gradients
  • Updating website logo and minor branding
  • Minor text/price changes
  • Minor edits to the menu or footer
  • General website questions
  • General support for plugins our “Build” team inputed for your site
  • Connecting analytics or social media platforms
  • Embedding forms
  • Creating new blog/portfolio categories

Although our team of experts will always strive to help your business grow, we are not experts in ALL other third party apps, plugins or integrations. Thus, we will try our best to connect these tools to your website, and design accordingly what is on the website, but we will not login and setup any third party apps or platforms for you:

What we DO NOT do for Web Support requests:

  • Login and setup third party software, apps, CRM, platforms
  • Setup marketing/advertising campaigns
  • Edit or manage your email or contact lists
  • Provide IT support
  • Provide server/high level web security
  • Manage or upload bulk products
  • Manage or upload bulk blog posts/content
  • Build NEW pages
  • Revamp ENTIRE designs or branding
  • Set up shipping, or business admin related settings
  • Other requests not directly related to your website design

Web Support Request FAQs

What constitutes a minor website edit?

  • Adjusting text or info
  • Adjusting images or videos that are already included in the original design
  • Adjusting colors or general styling
  • Editing contact info
  • Adding team members, bios, or portfolio pieces to features that already exist in original design
  • Contact form edits and assistance
  • Website backups
  • Header and sub header edits and design
  • Small branding changes

Anything beyond this list may be considered beyond a minor-edit and you would need to level up your Support and Strategy membership from Startup.

What are examples of non-minor edit requests?

  • Designing or adding new custom pages to the website
  • Adding or designing custom new features to the website
  • Adding more than 5 blogs, team members, projects or content pieces to the website all at once
  • Advanced IT support
  • Integrating and/or working with any 3rd party software, CRM or plugin

Where can I learn more about additional Strategy and Support help?

Visit our web page below, where you can learn more about our various Support and Strategy memberships. Find the level that works best for you and sign up!

Digital Support & Strategy

How long does it take for your team to complete a web support request?

Plan on 7 days for our team to review and complete your website request. We will send you an email if we need additional information in order to complete your request. We will also email you once your website request is complete.

If there is missing information or content, it is possible that the project timeline would be extended. Our minimum for hourly support is one hour.

What is included in the higher levels of Support & Strategy? (Standard, Pro, Advanced)

The Startup Support and Strategy membership includes access to our support portal and minor edits and support requests. You can choose to sign up for higher levels to unlock integrations support, advanced analytics, CRM support, conversion rate optimization, website heat map reviews, monthly strategy video calls, and more.

Learn more and sign up here:

Do web support hours transfer over to next month if I don't use them?

Using your hours is ultimately up to you on a month to month basis. If you don’t use them, we will not transfer your hours to next month.

If you need to upgrade to a higher package to get more support hours, please visit: