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Connor Biggar

Web Build Strategist / Director of Growth

Connor, A.K.A. The King of Pleasant Grove, Utah, is Big Red Jelly’s Director of Growth and a world-class Build Strategist. Connor was raised in Pleasant Grove and lives there with his two dogs, Wilson and Wanda. Prior to joining Big Red Jelly’s team, Connor studied Web Design and UX at DevMountain. He worked as a freelance web designer for a few months after graduation before meeting the Big Red Jelly team at a hiring event hosted by his alma mater. 

Connor stands out for his drive to continue learning and bettering his skills in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. He thrives in the agency space because there is always a new client to please, a new tool to master, and new coworkers to help. In his roles as director and strategist, he leads the DS&S team (which is always growing) in strategic methods on how to best support and improve clients’ online businesses and tools. He is a wizard when it comes to WordPress websites. He prides himself on building effective, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing websites using the best web design practices.

Connor loves snowboarding, hiking, traveling, and eating (especially sushi) – a true Utahn response! His travels have taken him to 43/50 states! He hates running with a passion, BUT one of his goals this year is to run a marathon…the duality of man. While he may be known as the king of Pleasant Grove in the office, you can also refer to him as the Bingo King because he once won two bingos in a row at a bingo night.

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My Areas and Tools of Expertise

Web Support and Strategy

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What drives your work?

Being able to take a vision, and turn it into a visual path to success. I love building a relationship with each and every client as they put their trust in me to ensure a viable product. As this relationship grows, I am able to see how I can reflect the personality and values of a client to their business. Outside of physically working on a product, the skill and motivation of my fellow Big Red Jelly employees drive me to continuously improve, learn, and grow.

What’s next in the world of web building?

I believe that operating systems will continue to solve the simplicity of complexity of navigating the solutions of the online world. The operating systems that we use to help build clients’ visions ensure that each client has the tools to continue to grow. The digital world is constantly changing, and whoever is leading in simplicity will continue to thrive. I am excited to see what is next and continue my personal education in such a fast-paced market. One thing that you will never get out of technological advancements is our own creativity.

What is included in web support

My Promise to You

As a neighbor and collaborator, I promise to always tell you an honest opinion and to consider your thoughts on all aspects of our project. We will treat your business as our business and ensure we find a fitting and effective solution to any and all ideas and questions to help you do better business online.

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