How Big Red Jelly Helped Anthony Garcia Elevate His Brand and Save 7 Hours a Week


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Meet Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia is an international best-selling author, expert in sales training, and mentor in motivating business leaders to achieve peak performance. With two decades of sales and sales leadership experience, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, B2B sales, and medical sales. 

Garcia is the host of the “Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk” podcast, where he discusses the complacency that robs people of their full potential and interviews some of the world’s top sales performers and entrepreneurs. Garcia is a highly sought-after speaker who is passionate about unlocking the high performer lying dormant in every business professional.

Project Level


Company Size



6 Weeks

Understanding The Problem

Garcia came to us in order to take his personal branding website to the next level and cement his place in the B2B consulting industry. Because his branding was already solidified with his existing strong logo and vision for his work, Garcia simply needed a revised platform in order to successfully market his brand.

Unfortunately, Garcia was unsatisfied with his work on the website in the past, so he came to Big Red Jelly with the hope that his website could be improved in all stages. With Big Red Jelly’s “BUILD” and “GROWTH” strategies, Garcia has the means to ensure that his website is rebuilt expertly and maintained after completion.

Anthony Garcia Needed:


To incorporate his various content pieces: academy, learning tools, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels


Create a quality website with clear messaging that leads to more call-to-actions from potential customers and clients


Set up Anthony Garcia's site with success with GROWTH strategies

Powerful Solutions Driven by Advanced BUILD Planning

With their project end goals in place, Garcia was ready to begin the build process.

The Website

Build Assets

We updated his links and pages and added in content and landing pages that he wanted to include with his new website that didn’t exist on his old website. We worked on his WordPress website to include his new content and transform the site into a robust tool that he could use to communicate with potential and current clients and customers. Along with gathering his content, we also implemented his CRM into the new website.

Online Tools


  • Online Scheduling
  • CRM integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Learning Platform
  • Additional Domains
  • Spam Blocker
  • Analytics
  • Site Security


Brand Messaging

Garcia identified his audience as sales professionals and small business owners who have a service-based business. His website viewers are looking for ways to improve their business and income by learning more about sales training or hiring him to be a speaker.

Next, Garcia and Big Red Jelly highlighted on the website three reasons why Anthony Garcia and his services stand out from the competition.

Increases sales instantly without changing your product, price, or offer.

Ensure that we teach how to never hear your service is too expensive ever again.

Provide sales training from an inside perspective because they are sales professionals.

With this brand messaging, Anthony Garcia successfully markets and advertises his consulting and public speaking services to his customers.


Implementation Assets

Big Red Jelly completed the project with detailed pages and descriptions of his services on an efficient website using the brand style guide. With the website online, Anthony Garcia is now able to share his mission, success stories, and various services with their intended audience and garner more attention.

Additionally, Big Red Jelly finished off with a GROWTH package of SEO analysis, keyword research, and website audit. This was to ensure that the website is working perfectly and is bringing an increasing number of users to the site.

Garcia has since expressed his satisfaction with Big Red Jelly’s efficient growth strategies and web support.

The Results

New Brands and Businesses Launched
Hours Saved per Week Through Website Automation
Increase In Site Speed
International Best Selling Book