How SAO Launched A Successful Mocktail Line And eCommerce Website


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Meet SAO

São was founded with the intention of providing healthy beverage options for individuals seeking to balance out their busy lives. The founder, who faced the challenge of juggling a demanding corporate career and a rigorous exercise routine, became frustrated with the limited options of sugary sodas, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. To address this issue, she created a formula that combined the taste of traditional cocktails with the best low-sugar organic ingredients. To provide an extra boost, she infused São with adaptogens and nootropics, creating guilt-free drinks that allow you to socialize, relax, and wake up without a hangover. Inspired by loved ones who chose to become sober-curious and her own personal goals to achieve maximum potential in a demanding Los Angeles lifestyle, São’s Latina founder discovered the idea during a moment of epiphany at a Brazilian waterfall. Experience the transformative power of São Mocktails and join us in our commitment to promoting wellness and mindful consumption.

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Understanding The Problem

São Mocktails came to us at Big Red Jelly for the BUILD package. While their company and products are in the beginning stages of development, São wanted to start off strong with a cohesive and strong website and landing page that welcomed customers to São’s story and various mocktail products.

SAO Mocktails Needed To


Develop and establish unique product and company branding


Enhance and finalize São product designs


Build landing page and website features that expresses and abides by São’s unique branding

Powerful Solutions Driven by Advanced Build and Brand Work

With their project end goals in place, São Mocktails was ready to begin the BUILD process.



After finishing mockups and designs for products, Big Red Jelly and São decided on using tropical colors that matched their products and company history, starting in Southern California.



We used a simplistic, elegant font to align well with São Mocktails’ vision and goal of simple ingredients and products. It pairs well with São Mocktails minimalist design and colors.



Using inspiration from similar drink competitors, Big Red Jelly helped São create mockups and designs for their products. We finalized can designs using the colors, logo, typography, and other branding to maintain continuity across all platforms.



Big Red Jelly created an easy-to-use ecommerce website for interested buyers to learn more about São’s products and learn where to order or find their products. We created a landing page that instantly captures the viewer’s attention and simply explains what makes São Mocktails different from other brands.


Brand Messaging

Using the existing brand messaging São Mocktails started out with, Big Red Jelly helped to enhance their messages in order to grab the customers’ attention and showcase São’s innovative mocktail products. São defined their audience as sober-curious, sober, health conscious people who look at ingredients and have a healthy lifestyle. São and Big Red Jelly drafted the following messages to cater to this audience:

“Made with organically sourced ingredients and infused with adaptogens, nootropics and herbs to maintain your body and equilibrium. São’s pure and guilt-free mocktails were formulated for the sober, sober- curious, peak performers and healthy conscientious folks”

“São Mocktails are canned-non alcoholic beverages infused with adaptogens and nootropics made with organically sourced ingredients. Our beverages are low calorie and contain zero added sugar so you can indulge guilt free. “



Big Red Jelly completed the project with detailed mockups of products along with an efficient website using the brand style guide. With the website online, São Mocktails is now able to share their mission and unique mocktail products with their intended audience and garner attention for their launch.

Additionally, Big Red Jelly finished off with a GROWTH package of SEO analysis, keyword research, and website audit. This was to ensure that the website is working perfectly and is bringing an increasing number of users to the site.

The Results

Though São Mocktails is in the beginning stages of their launch of their products, São is set up for success with their efficient website and brand style guide. Moving forward, São can market to their key audiences and build a unique, strong brand to stand out from their competitors.