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Giving Back

Big Red Jelly is proud to announce our partnership with Be Humanitarian.

Be Humanitarian™ helps Guatemalan children, teens and adults reach their full potential with early nutrition and continued education. Each donation provides a child with breakfast and lunches all month long as well as cover their educational costs.

How We Are Helping

Sponsoring 3 children, covering the cost of meals and education

Percent of all profits donated each year

0 cost growth package so they can share their message


Join Be Humanitarian on their next trip while they explore the culture and beauty of Guatemala. The projects change on each trip. You might prepare breakfast and lunch, deliver backpacks, and school supplies to the pre-school, deliver hundreds of pounds of books and much-needed donations to local schools and organizations.

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Meet Tobie Spears

Tobie fell in love with traveling when she was 17 and backpacked through Europe and drove from Utah to Canada. During college she traveled to Mexico to participate in a study abroad program and after college she started traveling with her husband and daughters. In 2002 they spent 3 months backpacking through Mexico and in 2013 they spent 12 days driving from Utah to Guatemala where they lived, worked, and volunteered. Tobie stays busy working as a birth and postpartum doula and running Be Humanitarian with Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours.