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Increase awareness, recognition and loyalty with online branding services

Branding Overview - Hero Section

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Branding Services

Give your business a competitive edge with a strong and clear brand

Logo Design

Get a custom-designed logo for your business so you can stand out and elevate your brand.

Brand Strategy

Design, refresh and reposition your brand to optimize your marketing results.

Brand Design

‘WOW’ your visitors, attract more customers, and build brand loyalty.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging allows you to communicate effectively.

Brand Refresh

Refresh your brand to improve your design and your marketing results will grow!

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Why Is Branding Beneficial?

What world-class branding can do for you:

Your brand allows you to stand out among your competition.
It can let customers know what to expect from your company and what your values are.
It allows you to make a memorable impression.
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The Proven Branding Process

The Proven Branding Process

FAME Mockup for Branding Overview Page

1. Brand Discovery

We want to understand your company history, pain points, goals and outline our brand process so we can build a clear foundation on which to start our brand research phase and move closer to an improved brand.

Brand Research - Feedback & Patterns

2. Brand Research

We conduct our own data-driven brand research so we can better understand your business, your ideal customer, your industry and industry trends that will give us a clear picture of your business landscape to begin developing your guiding idea.

Alternative Visual Direction Guiding Idea

3. Guiding Idea

We develop an original idea and creative direction that concentrates your brand and vision and will guide all future brand execution moving forward.

Brand Origins - Who We Are?

4. Brand Origins

We explore the “WHY” for the business leadership so that we have a clear corporate brand strategy and direction that the company can follow.

Brand Core - Why Us?

5. Brand Core

To discover, write and share your internal brand guidelines so that you and your team understand WHO you are as a company, WHY you exist and solidify your internal values so your external branding can be aligned.

Brand Expression - Powering Opportunities

6. Brand Expression

To begin expressing your brand accurately to your ideal customers through effective copywriting, brand messaging and storytelling.

Fame portfolio Mockup

7. Visual Identity

To design captivating brand visuals that clearly represent your brand core and brand expression and attract more of your ideal customers and keep them coming back for more.

Fame Portfolio Header

8. Brand Guide

To bring together all of your brand elements up until this point and tell a story that clearly highlights who your company is, the problems you solve and people you serve.

Brand Implementation Social Media

9. Brand IP

To secure all necessary digital assets surrounding your brand and business name so your brand IP remains protected and under your control.

Laptop image

10. Brand Implementation

To create and help implement all necessary brand assets, according to the direction we have designed, that your business will need for your online platforms, communications, and marketing.

Our Branding Proven Process

Brand graphic with text
Brand Graphic Mobile

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September 16, 2022

Jeremy Plouzek
Jeremy Plouzek
I appreciate you coming to my rescue when my old host was failing. Super easy process and I really appreciate the great ideas that they suggested
Marco Ortiz
Marco Ortiz
Outstanding Web Design and Branding Experience with Big Red Jelly! I recently had the pleasure of working with Big Red Jelly to build our new website, and I must say that they far exceeded my expectations. From start to finish, their team demonstrated exceptional knowledge and delivered top-notch customer service. I highly recommend them for all your branding, web design, and web support needs. Nathan and Preston, the talented individuals I collaborated with, truly stood out. They took the time to actively listen to our requirements and priorities, ensuring that our vision was incorporated into every aspect of the website. Moreover, they consistently provided valuable strategies and ideas throughout the entire process. Their dedication and enthusiasm were evident, as they were always eager to assist us with any requests or concerns that arose. Working with Big Red Jelly was an incredibly positive experience. They showcased their reliability and efficiency by delivering results promptly and effectively. Our website was developed swiftly without compromising quality, thanks to their commitment to excellence. I cannot emphasize enough how satisfied I am with the outcome of our collaboration. Big Red Jelly possesses a rare combination of expertise, outstanding customer service, and a genuine desire to help their clients succeed. If you're in need of branding, web design, or web support, I wholeheartedly recommend Big Red Jelly. They will not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.
Jaydon Bratsman
Jaydon Bratsman
When I had the chance to meet some of the employees at Big Red Jelly I was blown away. This marketing and branding agency not only knows what they're doing but they truly enjoy doing it! And that put a smile on my face. I highly suggest using them if you're a business looking to grow your customer base and capture the attention of the customers you want to be walking through your doors.
Abigail Marks
Abigail Marks
I first approached Big Red Jelly as a student looking to learn more about the marketing field, and their team was so helpful! They immediately set up a meeting so a student panel could pose questions, get an introduction to the Brand, Build, Grow process, and see what it's like to be a modern consultation agency. They were professional, polite, and really went above and beyond to fill a request which they could have easily turned down.
Mark Whitaker
Mark Whitaker
Big Red Jelly helped me with my branding and website. The process was great! I was very impressed with every person I worked with.
Brock Roberts
Brock Roberts
Josh is excellent. Highly recommend Big Red Jelly. Very effective company. Worth the time to see what they can do for you.
Brock Roberts
Brock Roberts
Josh is excellent!!! Couldn’t have a better leader for such an amazing company. Integrity through the roof. Highly recommend Big Red Jelly.
Lucas Perry
Lucas Perry
A wonderful group to work with. They work very quickly and accurately. Preston always goes above and beyond the tasks we ask of him and always innovates the design and functionality of our website regularly!

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