SQRL Snacks 

SQRL Snacks 

SQRL Snacks 

Brand Style Guide for Wellness Applied 

Brand Style Guide for Wellness Applied 

Brand Style Guide for Wellness Applied 

Delicious Design

SQRL Snacks makes clean, simple, and nutrient-packed snacks. Big Red Jelly designed a captivating brand and packaging as rich as SQRL’s Energy Bars.

SQRL Snacks portfolio mockup

Value-Packed Messaging

Big Red Jelly’s brand team helped SQRL Snacks develop a unique voice, position, and visuals that perfectly embodies their personality and values.

  • Logo suite
  • Messaging guide
  • Brand colors and typography

Perfectly Packaged

SQRL snacks asked Big Red Jelly to design labels for four of their flavors: original, peanut butter cup, red velvet, and chocolate chip.

  • Stunning package design
  • Variations for flavors
  • Unique colors
SQRL Snacks portfolio mockup

Brand Messaging, Visuals, Strategy and Implementation

After solidifying their branding strategy, our experts were able to develop effective brand visuals that would turn viewers into loyal future customers.

The Final Product

SQRL Snacks energy bars are giving #BigSqrlEnergy with their sweet new look!

SQRL Snacks portfolio Hotspot Image

Branding that will help your business grow

SQRL Snacks portfolio Hotspot Image
Brand Research

We first explore your purpose, target market, business goals and industry to better position your brand for optimal growth and success.

Internal Brand Messaging

Before any visual branding or marketing you must clearly understand WHO you are as a company and solidify that vision in a succinct way.

External Brand Messaging

After developing your internal brand and understanding WHO you are, your business is in a better place to highlight your unique value propositions and connect with the right clients.

Brand Design

Finally, we can put pen to paper and design captivating visuals that attract, convert and keep your ideal customers and clients.


Customers say packaging design can influence their purchasing decision


62% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product with unique packaging


90% of users expect to have a similar brand experience across all platforms

As the strategist behind SQRL Snacks' new brand and packaging, I am thrilled to see how well it has been received. It was important to us to capture the essence of the brand's clean, simple, and nutrient-packed snacks, and translate it into a captivating design that resonates with consumers.

Chloe HoyeBrand Strategist

The Big Red Jelly Difference

At Big Red Jelly we’ve had the privilege of working with amazing clients like SQRL Snacks and delivering breathtaking branding work that measurably helps businesses grow. We achieve this by combining our proven brand process with world-class talent and expertise, resulting in a branding experience that truly sets our clients apart.

With SQRL Snacks, we began our process with blank canvas discovery, delving into their audience, industry, founder vision, and employee thoughts to develop a story, a vision, and an aesthetic that would attract the right types of customers to their business and keep them coming back for more. From there, we transitioned into strategy, aligning our teams, tools, and resources to the project at hand. But before diving right into brand visuals, we focused on developing SQRL Snacks’ internal and external brand messaging to ensure a consistent and cohesive brand experience. Finally, we put pen to paper and designed the visual identity that SQRL Snacks truly deserved.

This results in a dynamic and memorable brand that not only captures the essence of SQRL Snacks’ products, but also connects with their audience on a deeper level. It’s always a pleasure to see our process come to fruition and the impact it has on our clients’ success. We invite you to experience the difference a world-class branding experience can bring to your business.

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