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About us page - Big Red Jelly employee teams

Company History

Learn about the founding of Big Red Jelly and the inspiration behind our company name.

How It All Started

Big Red Jelly was born in 2018 from a recognition that businesses needed a realistic and straightforward approach to growing effectively. We built our brand on the idea of working as efficiently as possible, much like the big red jellyfish, being the world’s most efficient animal. It inspired our name and our core values. In order to achieve this, our team focuses on world-class branding, effective web design and powerful online tools that drive measurable growth results for our clients.

Big Red Jelly originally began as a full service digital marketing agency, helping businesses market themselves with the branding and websites they already had. Over time, we realized that businesses often had little to no foundational branding and lackluster online platforms that weren’t converting leads for their business, even after marketing. Big Red Jelly honed in on this need and pivoted into a unique niche that focused on three implementation steps for business growth: Brand, Build, and Grow.

July 2018

Big Red Jelly was founded with 4 team members

July 2019

We moved to Canyon Park, with 7 team members

July 2021

We grew to a team of 16

January 2022

We finally got our own office in Provo!