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Company History

How It All Started

Brothers Josh, Zach, and Ben Webber founded Big Red Jelly in September of 2017 with the vision of applying their industry experience in design and business development to create a new kind of agency that cut away the fluff and fat that many other creative agencies push on their clients.

They believed that results and creativity aren’t mutually exclusive, so Big Red Jelly was built on the foundation of three pillars: applied creativity, efficiency, and real results.

Big Red Jelly started with just one client, and began picking up gigs wherever they could find them: business cards, interactive PDFs, pitch decks, web development and design, social media management, and much more. No job was too small for the growing team, and a culture of excellence in creativity helped Big Red Jelly outgrow through three offices in just five years.

Company History - How Big Red Jelly Was Named

Our Name

Big Red Jelly was founded on the principle that everything in the branding and advertising process can be more efficient, so it was serendipitous that the Tiburonia granrojo, also known as the Big Red Jellyfish, was discovered in 2003. At the time of its discovery, it was considered the most energy-efficient animal on the planet, and a fitting mascot for a company that is hyper-focused on efficient creativity.

The COVID Pivot

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many companies to refocus their efforts and budgets. Big Red Jelly was no exception. Josh, Zach, and Ben noticed how many companies were skipping the important pre-marketing steps of developing their brands and messaging, which caused many problems during the pandemic.

They saw that most small companies, who most needed to be efficient with their budgets, were jumping straight into paid advertising, and other agencies were more than happy to take their money.

So, after years of exceptional growth, Big Red Jelly took this opportunity to niche down into helping these companies develop their pre-marketing foundation. This led to the creation of the Brand, Build, Grow strategy Big Red Jelly is now known for.

Zach Webber Ben Webber big red jelly cofounder in canyon park tech center utah
Connor Biggar Support and Strategy Director at Big Red Jelly

Brand, Build, Grow

The Brand, Build, Grow strategy defines the who, what, and why of Big Red Jelly, not just for our clients, but for ourselves, too. We live the principles of Brand, Build, Grow in our own marketing by refining our own brand, building our repertoire of digital tools and strategies, and growing our team and client base. We believe that no matter the size of the organization, following the simple steps of the Big Red Jelly Brand, Build, Grow process will prepare them for success now and in any situation.

Our Values and Mission

Everything Big Red Jelly does is focused on one clear purpose: inspiring creativity and growth. What started as three brothers with a passion for creativity has grown into a team of 23 passionate industry experts. Big Red Jelly’s goal is to be an industry leader by helping companies of all sizes maximize the potential of their pre-marketing foundations, and we’re just getting started.