Joe Blackburn 

Joe Blackburn 

Joe Blackburn 

Brand Style Guide for Joe Blackburn 

Brand Style Guide for Joe Blackburn 

Brand Style Guide for Joe Blackburn 

Memorable Branding

Financial coach and expert Joe Blackburn was looking for a new brand that would invite others to join him and start growing. To strengthen his brand we created his brand style guide and bold, iconic logo.

Iconic Logo

The Big Red Jelly brand team created a fierce custom logo suite that perfectly encapsulates Joe Blackburn’s values. A bright vibrant red with the luxury of black and white helps to define Joe Blackburn’s visual identity.

  • Bold logo
  • Unique brand colors
  • Tailored typography

A Guide for the Future

Big Red Jelly created a Style Guide that will allow Joe Blackburn to make consistent and stunning content as long as they go in.

  • Social media templates
  • Digital assets
  • Print assets
  • Media Kit

Brand Messaging, Visuals, Strategy and Implementation

After solidifying their branding strategy, our experts were able to develop effective brand visuals that would turn viewers into loyal future customers.

The Final Product

Equipped with a strong brand identity and tons of digital assets, Joe Blackburn is ready to bring in more customers and get recognized by his audience anywhere he is online.

Branding that will help your business grow

Brand Research

We first explore your purpose, target market, business goals and industry to better position your brand for optimal growth and success.

Internal Brand Messaging

Before any visual branding or marketing you must clearly understand WHO you are as a company and solidify that vision in a succinct way.

External Brand Messaging

After developing your internal brand and understanding WHO you are, your business is in a better place to highlight your unique value propositions and connect with the right clients.

Brand Design

Finally, we can put pen to paper and design captivating visuals that attract, convert and keep your ideal customers and clients.


Shared Values Account for 64% of Brand Relationships


A ‘Signature Color’ for Your Brand Boosts Recognition By 80%


90% of users expect to have a similar brand experience across all platforms

If you've felt a certain type of reaction, loyalty, love, comfort when viewing a particular product, that is branding. When we work with our clients, we always start with a blank slate and develop a brand from the ground up, so you can connect with your ideal customers and grow!

Lyndsie OrenoBrand Director

The Big Red Jelly Difference

By combining our proven brand process with world-class talent and expertise, our team is able to deliver breathtaking branding work that measurable helps businesses grow. Our process is designed to reverse engineer from the core of your business, the “WHY” and begin to develop a story, a vision and aesthetic that truly attracts the right types of customers to your business and keeps them coming back for more.

Our process starts with blank canvas discovery, exploring your audience, industry, founder vision, employee thoughts and more, then we transition into strategy where we align our teams, tools and resources to the project at hand. However, before diving right into brand visuals, we develop your internal and external brand messaging. Finally, we put pen to paper and design the visual identity your company deserves. Experience the difference a world-class branding experience can bring you!

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