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Christina Romano

Office Manager

Christina was born in Southern California and at the young age of 7 moved with her family to Toronto Ontario Canada, where she grew up. She ended up moving back to the United States to pursue higher education and received her Bachelors of Arts in History. She works as the Office Manager and PR Manager for Big Red Jelly and loves working and collaborating with her teammates. Christina now lives in Provo Utah with her husband and loves hiking, running, traveling, yoga and cooking.

Christina is hardworking, consistent and dedicated to her role here at Big Red Jelly and is excited to use her skills to aid the marketing team and the entire team here at Big Red Jelly in creating and designing more websites for other small businesses.

My Areas and Tools of Expertise

What drives your work?

Being able to take a vision, and turn it into a visual path to success. I love building a relationship with each and every client as they put their trust in me to ensure a viable product. As this relationship grows, I am able to see how I can reflect the personality and values of a client to their business. Outside of physically working on a product, the skill and motivation of my fellow Big Red Jelly employees drive me to continuously improve, learn, and grow.

My Promise to You

As a neighbor and collaborator, I promise to always tell you an honest opinion and to consider your thoughts on all aspects of our project. We will treat your business as our business and ensure we find a fitting and effective solution to any and all ideas and questions to help you do better business online.

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