Array Energy 

Array Energy 

Array Energy 

Website Design, WordPress Site 

Website Design, WordPress Site 

Website Design, WordPress Site 

Compelling and Engaging Web Design for Desktop and Mobile

Array Energy provides top-tier solar services to homes and businesses throughout Wisconsin. Big Red Jelly helped them energize their brand with an exciting new website!

Accessible Information

Unique Design elements, interactive buttons and forms, engaging typography

  • New WordPress Site
  • Live Chat
  • Responsive Design
  • Intuitive Forms

Engaging Design

The Big Red Jelly build team helped Array Energy to showcase their Solar services and communicate their company’s values to potential customers.

The Final Product

Array Energy is Powering Wisconsin with their new website!

Consistent Branding

Interactive home page menus designed to make navigation easier

Fully Integrated WooCommerce

Engaging and keyword rich messaging aimed to attract your target audience

Converting CTAs

Strategically designed and placed CTAs throughout the site all directing users and traffic to one place, conversion.


97% of homeowners research solar panels online before making a purchase


39% of people will stop engaging with a website if the image loading time is too slow


Solar companies with the best websites receive 5 times more traffic than those with poorly designed websites

Have you ever visited a website and immediately felt captivated and well-informed? That's not by chance, it's the result of effective design. At Big Red Jelly, we start each website project from scratch, creating a personalized website that suits your business and target audience. This enables you to reach out to your desired customers and accomplish your goals.

Connor BiggarBuild Strategist

The Big Red Jelly Difference

By combining our proven website development process with world-class talent and expertise, our team is able to deliver breathtaking websites that measurably help businesses grow. Like we did for Array Energy. Our process is designed to reverse engineer from the core of your business, the “WHY” and begin to develop a website that truly attracts the right types of customers to your business and keeps them engaged.

Our process starts with blank canvas discovery, exploring your audience, industry, founder vision, employee thoughts, and more. Then we transition into strategy where we align our teams, tools, and resources to the project at hand. However, before diving right into website design, we develop your website messaging and user experience. Finally, we put pen to paper and design the website your company deserves. Experience the difference a world-class website development experience can bring you!

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