Strategic Web Support 

Strategic Web Support 

Strategic Web Support 

Cince website and mobile device mockups - branding project by Big Red Jelly

WordPress Web Support, Online Strategy and Marketing Automation

Cinche is an exciting startup that is growing quickly in the tech space. Their team needed a proactive web support and strategy team that can keep up and help their website grow as fast as their company, so we got to work!

Savory foods heatmap website page by Big Red Jelly in Provo Utah.

Proactive Web Support

Our Web Support and Strategy team is US-based and all in-house here at Big Red Jelly. This is important and beneficial for our clients because there are no communication or time barriers in getting important website work done.  Our team is able to get web support requests done within 1 business day and can hop on a video call to discuss more complex requests or strategy at anytime that works for our clients. This was certainly the case for Cinche and their fast-growing tech startup website.

  • 24/7 Expert WordPress Support
  • WordPress Web Strategy
  • Recurring Strategy Calls
  • Weekly Reports and Updates

WordPress Strategy

Our team of web experts specializes in WordPress, Shopify and Wix. The Cinche website is built on WordPress and we understand all of the various plugins, CRM, marketing automations and hosting they needed to be successful online.

  • WordPress Plugin Audit
  • Weekly Strategy Calls
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • CRM Support
  • Marketing Automation
R&R smartlook analytics - a Big Red Jelly partner.
Cince website and mobile device mockups - branding project by Big Red Jelly

Proactive Web Design

Seeing as Cinche is a fast-growing tech startup, they are constantly adding new features, case studies and content to their website. Our team does not react to web support requests. Instead, we created a custom workflow and design strategy to keep up with their design needs and stay one step ahead of their business needs, so their website was always 100% accurate and reflected their services perfectly.

Strategic Website Design Changes

Using Google Analytics, Smartlook and Visitor Tracking Tools, our Web Support and Strategy team was able to make strategic design changes to their WordPress website on the fly to improve their conversion rates and online sales.

A deeper look at our analytics tools

Making the right WordPress design changes required the right information. That’s why the first step in our Web Support and Strategy membership is to setup the correct plugins, analytics and tracking tools so we have the right data to improve conversion rates for their WordPress, Shopify or Wix website.

Savory foods recordings - Big Red Jelly

Session Recordings

Session recordings allow us to see how website visitors interact with the various pages and content on the WordPress website. We can see where they click away, get frustrated or leave the website entirely. Now, we can make design changes to improve the conversion rate for that webpage and the website as a whole.

Key Website Events

During our discovery phase, we explore which key events the client wants to track on their website. For example, button clicks, form completions, online books, online orders or all of the above! Now we can track these key events and see where we need to improve page content in order to increase online conversions.

Savory Foods event webpage and Big Red Jelly website management service
Savory Foods information funnels website analytics and insights by Big Red Jelly.


A custom funnel will show you the conversion rate of your website for that particular goal. For example we can see a funnel of website visitors to online orders and then start to make strategic changes to improve your funnel over time and increase your online sales. There may be certain steps in your funnel where there is significant drop-off, this means there is a problem in this part of your funnel and our team can begin to improve this step and ultimately improve your CRO for your WordPress, Wix or Shopify website.


Our WordPress support team can take your analytics a step further and setup heat maps to visualize your website visitor behavior on your website. This allows our team of WordPress experts to see where visitors are spending most of their time and exactly how they are interacting with your website content. This tells us so much more than just website insights, now you can learn more about your services, pricing, and business positioning to improve your business growth as a whole!

Savory foods heatmap website page by Big Red Jelly in Provo Utah.
Savory Foods information and website flows by Big Red Jelly website management services

Behavior Flows

All website visitors are human beings, and our tools help us to better understand what your ideal clients and customers are looking for. We pair these insights with our online and industry expertise to make the best possible decisions to help your business grow online. We are experts in WordPress, Shopify, Wix, online tools and marketing automations, so we can bring these tools together to help your company grow.

The Big Red Jelly Difference

We believe that a website can be so much more than a digital doormat. It should be a powerful online tool that helps your business close sales, improve conversion rates, share your brand message, scale your company and showoff y our work. If your website is not doing all of these things, talk to our team of web experts today!

By combining our human creativity with cutting-edge online tools and digital strategy, we are able to improve conversion rates for our customers, save them hours of work every week and ultimately grow through their company through digital strategy.

Reach out to our team today and see how we can help you grow your WordPress, Shopify or wix website!

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