United Vein Centers 

United Vein Centers 

United Vein Centers 

Web, CRM, and Marketing Automation Support 

Web, CRM, and Marketing Automation Support 

Web, CRM, and Marketing Automation Support 

iPad mockups of website design by branding at Big Red Jelly Provo Utah

User Behavior, Web Strategy and Conversion Rate Optimization

United Vein Centers is a large company with several dozen vein and vascular care center clinics nationwide. Before working with Big Red Jelly they had a website with poor conversion rates, slow site speed and disconnected lead forms and location maps. They needed our help, and we got it done!

Big Red Jelly united vein website - website support

Website Revamp

First things first, we got to work designing an improved WordPress website. Our team set up a new WordPress staging platform on Pressable so we could get to work on the initial designs without effecting their current website and any of their current website traffic. This allows us complete design freedom and flexibility.

  • WordPress staging site setup
  • Initial WordPress wireframes
  • Website discovery phase
  • Sitemap improvements

WordPress UX/UI Design

The main reason for low conversion rate on their old website was a poor UX/UI strategy for their WordPress website. The user experience was confusing, slow and had far too many clicks for a website visitor to finally find a location nearest to them and book an appointment. We set out to reduce the amount of clicks, make the calls-to-action more clear and improve the overall user experience throughout the website on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Initial analytics research
  • A/B website visitor testing
  • Improved calls-to-action
  • Reduce number of clicks
  • Improved mobile and tablet experience
  • Better UX/UI design
Big Red Jelly - website building - website support - website design
Big Red Jelly heatmap website support - web designer

Improved Mobile Experience

Using heat map technology, website video recordings of current users and in-depth consumer insights we were able to see where most website visitors were getting frustrated and learning the site. This was particularly bad on the mobile version, especially with their embedded location map. This was a top priority for our team, we revamped the entire website experience on mobile and made the site much more user-friendly across all devices. As a result, their conversion rate skyrocketed. 

Increased Online Bookings and New Clients

By improving the user experience and following the analytics, our team was able to create a user flow on the website that leads far more visitors to book an appointment online.

A deeper look at our analytics tools

Our team uses Google Analytics, customer surveys, client interview and Smartlook to gather all of the information we need to make strategic design changes to a website to increase the conversion rate and help them grow revenue.

Savory foods recordings - Big Red Jelly

Session Recordings

Smartlook allows us to watch users interact with the website on desktop and mobile. The tool video records certain sessions on the website. We can see where a website visitor may get frustrated, lost or click off the website because they didn’t find the key information they were looking for. Now, we can make key adjustments to the site, and move content into a position to improve conversion rates and keep your website visitors engaged with your message!

Key Website Events

Smartlook and other analytics tools allow us to track key events. These events could be button clicks, downloads, form completions or more. We work with you to solidify what exactly you want to track and start the journey of improving your website design so that we can increase those key events and therefore grow your conversion and revenue. 

Savory Foods event webpage and Big Red Jelly website management service
Savory Foods information funnels website analytics and insights by Big Red Jelly.


Funnels help us see where your website traffic is going and how many steps it takes for a visitor to land on your website and click through to your final call-to-action. For example, if your main CTA is for someone to book an appointment with you, we can track a funnel that follows the website visitor land on your home page, go to your service page, explore your message, click a button and eventually click on your calendar to book an appointment. With a clear funnel, we now have the tool we need to improve your conversion rate and improve your online sales.


Heatmaps show us where visitors spend time on your website or engage with your content the most. This is very helpful in making UX/UI improvements throughout your website, we want to engage your customers as much as possible and see solid engagement throughout your website and in the right positions so that we can call them to action and do business with you.

Savory foods heatmap website page by Big Red Jelly in Provo Utah.
Savory Foods information and website flows by Big Red Jelly website management services

Behavior Flows

All of your website visitors are real people, they act based on emotions. We keep this in mind when we work with your during our Web Support and Strategy work. We understand what makes customers tick, and we understand how to design websites and interfaces that make your message clear so that your ideal customers are more likely to engage. 

Big Red Jelly is GREAT! The website they created was perfect! I cannot recommend them enough. Seriously, don't go anywhere else.

Rolando OrtegaCo-Founder

Web Strategy and CRO to Help Your Business Grow

Big Red Jelly united vein website - website support

Clearly see where your website visitors are engaging on your website and make strategic changes to improve your conversion rates.

Website Optimization

Our team helps optimize your website for desktop, mobile and tablet so you can make more money online and grow your business.

Expert UX/UI Design

We specialize in understanding user behavior and making the necessary design changes to improve the overall experience of your website for your customers.

The Right Online Tools

We help with more than just your website, our team of experts specializes in CRM integration, marketing automation and so much more!


Better UI could raise your website’s conversion rate by 200%, and better UX design could yield conversion rates of up to 400%.


UX stats show that 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience.


63% of companies using marketing automation outperformed competitors.

Improving conversion rates for a website requires a fundamental knowledge in buyer behavior, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing and so much more. I enjoy this challenge and I enjoy helping our clients make the right online decisions to improve their company conversion rates and grow!

Connor BiggarWeb Support & Strategy Director

The Big Red Jelly Difference

We enjoy working with our Web Support and Strategy clients because we get to dive deeper into the strategy of their brand, website, customers and analytics. Our Web Support and Strategy membership is so much more than the typical “web support”, we start by first discovering your business goals, story, customers, pain points and opportunities. This allows to make the right strategic designs when supporting your website and helping your business grow.

Our team of experts help you improve your UX/UI design, site speed, site optimization, online tool setup, marketing automations, general support, analytics and so much more! By bringing this important web strategies together we are able to help you improve your conversion rates which leads to increased customers, sales and revenue for your company and that will always remain our number one objective for our WordPress, Wix and Shopify web support clients.

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