The Muller Company 

The Muller Company 

The Muller Company 

Digital Strategy & Web Support 

Digital Strategy & Web Support 

Digital Strategy & Web Support 

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Digital Strategy, Web Support and Online Training

The Muller Company is a large nationwide commercial real-estate investment and management company. You can understand why their website is an important hub for all of their properties and they needed a go-to team of WordPress experts to support their growth and help them grow their business.

Savory foods heatmap website page by Big Red Jelly in Provo Utah.

WordPress Redesign

Before working with our team of WordPress experts the Muller Company website was built on an out-dated, complex and confusing CMS. Nobody on their team knew how to make edits, manage their content or add new services to their website. This was a huge problem for their company and hindered them from growing. Our first phase of work was to redesign their websites on WordPress and ensure they knew how to manage it going forward. 

  • WordPress Staging Site Setup
  • Audience Research
  • Client Discovery Phase
  • Page Layout Strategy
  • New Design Strategy

Multi-Page Setup

Muller Company is the umbrella brand and company but they needed individually branded landing pages and sub pages for their dozens of office locations across the United States. Our team of WordPress experts helped to brand, design and build WordPress websites for each office location.

  • Umbrella brand design
  • Landing page design
  • Location branding
  • WordPress multi-page setup
  • Easy to navigate and update
Savory foods menu page analytics, clicks, and website insights by Big Red Jelly.
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Improved Mobile Experience

It was imperative that the mobile and tablet experience be seamless for the Muller Company. Our team built interactive portfolios, galleries, maps and forms that were optimized for mobile and made the website experience extremely enjoyable on a phone or tablet. This improve the experience and conversion rate for the website.

Improved Conversion Rates

When our team of WordPress web support experts gets to work, we have one primary goal in mind: Improve the conversion rates of the website so the client increases their online engagement, customers and sales.

A deeper look at our WordPress analytics tools

We use Smartlook, Google Analytics, Social Media analytics and so much more to better understand that the online customers are telling our through their website behavior and engagement. Now our team can get to work making strategic design changes and increasing the conversion rate for the company.

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Session Recordings

Our Smartlook recording tool allowed us to watch website visitors review the various pages of the website, explore the location map and book tours or request more information. We were able to see where and how we could place strategic content and calls-to-action so the customer could quickly and easily find what they were looking for.

Key Website Events

The key website events to track for The Muller Company were map views, requests for more information, contact form completions and booked online tours. With those goals in mind, our team is now able to accurately and regularly report on their growth and show the client how much we can improve these metrics over time as a consequence of our WordPress support and strategy work.

Savory Foods event webpage and Big Red Jelly website management service
Savory Foods information funnels website analytics and insights by Big Red Jelly.

Website Funnels

With several custom funnels built on their new WordPress website we are able to see certain steps or stages in the website visitor journey where most visitors would click away or fall off. We can then make changes that would improve these steps and increase the conversion rate for the entire site. These small WordPress design changes create a big impact on the CRO for the site and lead to big increases in new tenants and customers for the Muller Company.

WordPress Heatmaps

Heat maps show us where the website visitors are engaging with your website the most. We can offer content change suggestions and design improvements to increase the engagement and improve your CRO.

Savory foods heatmap website page by Big Red Jelly in Provo Utah.
Savory Foods information and website flows by Big Red Jelly website management services

Website Behavior Flows

By working with our Web Support team, you will better understand how your customers think. This can impact your business well outside of just your website. Now you have the data you need to make the right decisions in your pricing, services, brand messaging and so much more. 

The Big Red Jelly Difference

We enjoy brining all of these skills together to improve your WordPress Conversion Rate: Analytics, Consumer Insights, Marketing Automation, Tech Stack Strategy, Site Speed, SEO, UX/UI design, Online Strategy and so much more.

You can see why we believe that a WordPress support team should be so much more than just completing website support ticket. You need a team of WordPress experts in your corner to help your business grow online like never before.

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