What we built:

  • WordPress site built from the ground up
  • Powerful, integrated eCommerce store
  • Fresh, holistic site visuals
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Popups and spam-filtering
  • Backend training
KNDQND ecommerce page laptop mockup - web design Big Red Jelly Provo Utah
Promotional banner

Colorful promotional offer listed at the top of site

Page Navigation

Easy-to-use page menu and search bar

Online store

Powerful, integrated e-commerce store

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What They Do

KNDQND is a luxury streetwear clothing brand, which stands for “Kings Never Die. Queens Never Die.” KNDQND focuses on motivating, inspiring, and guiding others so that others can be the best versions of themselves. The brand further emphasizes self-empowerment so that its customers can change the world for the better. Learn more about their mission here.

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What We Did

Segundo wanted a website that embodied his vision for his online store. It had to be attention-grabbing but also very functional. We worked together to not only create a site that was visually different and unique but also would maximize conversion and product sales on his site.

The whole site was built with easy backend management in mind. As the company grows, we wanted the owners to be able to manage the site easily, without needing to hire more developers down the line. We included several personalized walkthrough videos that touched directly on subjects like product management, order analytics, and general landing page edits.

Digital Tools Integrated

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Constant contact transparent logo design
Woocommerce logo wordpress extension
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Kings full website design and optimizations by Big Red Jelly web building

About This Project

Our team loved working with KNDQND! One of the biggest joys of the job is working with unique clients that have amazing products. The creators of KNDQND are visionaries who exude creativity and passion. You can learn more about them here.

We chose to build their website on WordPress because of the powerful integration with WooCommerce and the flexibility in design. WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms. It has everything you could need to be integrated with the touch of a finger! One of the selling points is how easy it is to create powerful, flexible subscription models for products. Another nonnegotiable we took into consideration while building this website is the backend analytics options.

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“It's always fun when a client has a creative vision and loves to collaborate. Segundo had an idea with where he wanted to take his business and we helped that vision become a reality. Collaborating with a client who is always coming with ideas to bounce off the team makes the whole project much more rewarding for all the parties involved.”

Zach WebberBuild Director

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