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Bethany Benham

Brand, Build, and Public Relations Strategist

Bethany is from Saint George, Utah, and specializes in copywriting, website messaging, and strategic public relations. In 2022, Bethany graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in business. She is an avid lover of puzzles, pop culture, summer, bunnies, and the beach. As a personal rule, Bethany refuses to choose favorites in any category as she enjoys the right to change her mind often and always. 

Bethany’s goals while working at Big Red Jelly are to expand her client experience, refine her writing skills, and eventually venture into graphic design and the Adobe platforms. For her personal goals, Bethany dreams of one day either renovating or building her own home, visiting Europe, and expanding her culinary skills beyond ramen and cereal.

Brand Messaging


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Public Relations


My Areas and Tools of Expertise

Meet Bethany!

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What drives your work?

I love the creativity of working in an agency where I have the opportunity to work with businesses from all industries. As a copywriter, it is so fulfilling for me to become a mini expert and grow my knowledge in so many different areas.

What’s next in the world of web building?

I believe that online shopping and the digital experience will continue to grow rapidly. While people still love to shop in-store, the online experience is becoming increasingly superior. I don’t think creativity can ever be automated (I might regret saying this in years to come) so it is important for online retailers to use their unique creativity to stand out in design, copy, and offerings against the crowd.

More About Bethany!

Bethany is an April 2022, communications graduate with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in business from BYU.

My Promise to You

To be communicative, professional, and strategic throughout the entire project. I want all of my clients to feel valued and that their project is getting the time and attention it deserves! Your honest opinions, thoughts, and needs are the most significant things you can provide to help the project succeed. Through collaborative conversations and meetings, I believe we can work together to create a project we both love.

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