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How Coachella’s Branding Made Them THE Festival of the Year

By April 27, 2023June 16th, 2023Branding, Design

Every April we mark another year where celebrities, influencers, and music lovers alike flock to Southern California’s Colorado Desert to partake in Coachella, a music and arts festival, known for its A-List headliners and influential fashion aesthetic. 

So, how did Coachella rise to become the most successful annual festival in existence? The answer is strong, clear branding.

Here are 3 Things Coachella Did to Become THE Must-Attend Event of the Year

1. Clear Vision from the Start

Since the very beginning, Coachella created a brand that not only reflects the festival’s location but also its target audience’s values and interests. With its custom-made good vibes typeface, desert landscape backdrops, and consistent branding from year-to-year, Coachella has become more than a brand, but a lifestyle.

2. Inspiring their Audience to Make it Their Own

Coachella attendees have made the brand theirs by extending its good vibes aesthetic into their outfits. The dreamy desert vibes made up of flowy fits, endless fringe, and cut-off jeans have attracted everyone, including A-list celebrities, establishing it as the must-attend event of the year.

3. Making it Accessible to All

In 2011, Coachella opened itself up to the masses by offering live-streaming of each day’s events. This allowed everyone in the world to tune in to see exactly what they were missing. 

By offering a free version to all, one would think attendance would go down each year now they can watch online for free — but it’s just the opposite. Opening the festival up to everyone only increased people’s desire to attend now that they could see exactly what they would get to experience. 

So, How Can You Follow Coachella’s Lead?

Niche down your audience. Get to know everything about your target audience from their careers to food preferences to their life goals. Coachella knew exactly who their target customer was and from there they were able to market directly to them with designs and messaging that intrigued and inspired their audience.


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Written by Bethany Benham