How 6 Brothers Pest Control Increased Their Leads By 1700%


Website Redesign, Growth Package



Why The 6 Brothers Pest Control Needed Our Help

We were approached by 6 Brothers Pest Control to help them take their website to the next level with a website redesign. Then, to take that website and use one of our growth package to keep improving the user experience and bring in more leads.

This resulted in a 1700% increase in the leads.

Meet 6 Brothers Pest Control

After a successful career selling pest services door-to-door in the early 2000’s, 6 brothers decided to come together to found their own pest control company based on quality and family friendly service: 6 Brothers Pest Control.

After a few years in the industry, they decided they wanted to take their online presence to the next level so they could increase their sales and surpass their competitors.

Understanding The Problem

6 Brothers knows they have great service, but their website numbers weren’t reflecting that. Their conversion rates were only at 1%. A quarter of what other pest control companies were seeing. They came to Big Red Jelly to fix that issue.

Big Red Jelly took a deep dive into their website and identified a few issues:

A Brand New Website

6 Brothers wanted to attract a younger audience, since research showed that Millennials were more likely to hire a pest control service than older generations.

This required a more thought out strategy for the website. Since Millennials are less likely to call, we needed to make it easy for people to schedule appointments online instead of calling a number.

Their target audience also places a high importance on online reviews, so those needed to be strategically placed on the website.

A Strategy For Growth

With a newly designed website and the target audience in mind, 6 Brothers was ready for growth.


We optimized the CTA’s  on various parts of the website with A/B testing over the course of several months to find the best wording.

If they were to make changes without A/B testing, they’d just be guessing at what design is the best.

Local SEO

Location specific landing pages were created for optimized local SEO and targeted ads. Focusing on specific locations instead of broad search terms is critical for business like 6 Brothers that are in-person and only serve specific locations.

Local SEO can also be a lot easier to rank for in search results, if done correctly.

Easier Checkout

The checkout process was optimized to allow for easier purchases online, regardless of the device being used.

This also allows customers to easily view their purchase history and share important info with 6 Brothers.

Better User Experience

Page load time was increased from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. Making it easer to look through the website and check out all the services 6 Brothers has to offer.

Higher loading times lead to higher bounce rates. Conversions rates can decrease as much as 2% with each additional second of load time.

The Results

After a few months, 6 Brothers Pest Control was able to see a 1700% increase to their conversions by improving their design, doing A/B testing, and making it easier than every to schedule online.

Before Big Red Jelly
After Big Red Jelly
Industry Average