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Arie’s Confectionaries

What we built:

  • Custom designed Wix site
  • Captivating site visuals
  • Custom Order Form banner
  • Backend training
  • Custom product segmentation
  • Social Media integration
online cheescake website designer
Easy-to-Use Contact Form

This easy-to-use contact form integrates perfectly with the client’s Wix dashboard and helps generate leads

Simple Navigation

A clean, simple navigation menu to direct people to order online

Secondary CTA Banner

This banner quickly direct people to the custom order form for more complex orders

Accessible Contact Information

If visitors don’t want to fill out the contact form, they can reach out directly to the company

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What They Do

Located in the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, Arie’s Confectionaries is providing the community with the MOST delicious, homemade cheesecakes. Founded by Arielle Page in 2020, they saw huge success in outdoor farmer’s markets and local delivery sales. With demand quickly outgrowing staff capabilities, Arielle knew it was time to create a website to level up her business and handle orders in a streamlined, organized manner. Their cheesecakes are just too delicious to pass up!

online cheescake website designer
online cheescake website designer

What We Did

Arie’s Confectionaries needed a website to level up their business. Before coming to us, they were doing extremely well through social media promotion. The majority of their sales were made via DM and at local farmer’s markets.  We built an easy-to-manage Wix website for Arielle so she could take orders online without having to send clients invoices. The website was a turning point for her business to grow and succeed.

Using her brand style guide, we built a website that was sophisticated, simplistic and displayed all of the flavors and variations of cheesecakes Arie’s Confectionaries sells. Since social media was a major part of Arielle’s brand, we integrated her social media directly to her home page, so people could interact directly.

Digital Tools Integrated

Wix website designer and web support at Big Red Jelly a web design company Provo Utah
Elfsight website plugin for small business development.
Wix ecommerce and woocommerce services at Big Red Jelly.
Ascend wix business promotion software and management service - Big Red Jelly
Aries full website design and optimizations by Big Red Jelly web building

About This Project

Our team loved working with Arie’s Confectionaries! Building an E-commerce site is fun because it stretches you technically while making you focus on how to ensure the user experience is as seamless and pain-free as possible. The client provided plenty of incredible original photography which added to the professional feel of the website and signifies a strong brand. You can learn more about Arie’s Confectionaries here, or you can visit our portfolio to see more of our functional, beautiful web designs!

We chose Wix for Arie’s Confectionaries website because of its all-encompassing dashboard and platform. The client could manage all sales, outbound emails, and menu updates within the platform. ease of use for clients. The build uses 4 different integrations and features, the most prominent being an e-commerce integration and payment system.

If you’re interested in doing an E-commerce / food-based website build, consider building with Wix! In addition, we recommend using original photography and video of products with your build, as it reinforces your brand and gives potential customers an idea of your capabilities! A picture says 1,000 words!

Arie’s Confectionaries was a standard build package that took about 4 weeks from start to finish, comprised of 9 unique pages.

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“Arie's Confectionaries was an amazing client to work with. Arielle, the owner, was fun, energetic, and passionate about her work. Her dedication and hard work are admirable! I can't wait until she ships to Utah - I will become her most loyal client! If you're in the Atlanta area, you need to check her out!”

Emma IdiartBuild Strategist

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