How FAME’s Rebrand Helped Them Elevate the Company and Align with their New Goals


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For over 40 years, Fame has been providing premier school management software solutions for post-secondary schools to aid them with student tracking and management.

With decades of experience in Title IV and school operations, Fame assists schools in remaining compliant while providing an unmatched user experience to accelerate everything from admissions to engagement with students.

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Understanding The Problem

After being in business for over four decades and adding on several new services, FAME came to Big Red Jelly ready for a complete rebrand.

FAME needed an updated brand that matched the premium level of software and services they offer. Their current branding was outdated and no longer portrayed the message that FAME wanted to send—that they are the leading software provider for secondary schools.

Their new brand needed to be bold and youthful, yet simple to reflect the nature and power of their offerings.

FAME’s New Brand Needed To:


Reflect the power and exceptionalism of their advanced solutions


Speak to both their software and service offerings in equal weight


Help them on the path to becoming the leading software provider for secondary schools

Powerful Solutions Driven by Advanced Brand Research

With their project end goals in place, FAME was ready to begin the rebranding process.

The Logo


The overall design of the checkmark is simple and straightforward, but its shape evokes a sense of professional reliability and progress. It was inspired by FAME’s core values and mission to help schools get things done.

The Logo


The bold, fun colors play off FAME’s original color palette and those used within their software. The bright red and yellow help to add contrast, authenticity, and a youthful appearance.

The Logo


Using a thick, san serif font in lowercase letters gives the logo an inviting feel, helping viewers feel welcomed into FAME’s community. It also matches the blockiness of the icon.


Brand Messaging

When developing FAME’s brand messaging, we focused on three things:

  1. Their target audience—school administrators
  2. Highlighting their software and services in equal measure and distinctively
  3. Aligning it with their long-term vision of becoming the go-to software provider for secondary schools


Implementation Assets

To help FAME implement their new brand, we created several ready-to-go assets for them to use as well as guidelines for creating more branded materials. FAME’s style direction was inspired by big geometric patterns currently trending within the software industry. FAME balances in the middle between professional and playful.

The Results

Engagement Per Website Visit Increase
Website Visitor Increase
Increase In Website Visitors From Socials

I found the creative team at Big Red Jelly extremely competent and outstanding to work with. I do think at the end of the day the branding decision was really up to me but the creative breadth and turnaround and research was on point especially given the price—I recommend Big Red Jelly to all of my colleagues. The web design required more guidance but again, the creative elements and innovation were truly inspired. I continue to be impressed with the gentle guidance of Big Red Jelly weather it be in regards to website conversions or banner designs.

Bethany LibusMarketing Manager, FAME Inc.
Fame Portfolio Header

We really enjoyed working with FAME on their rebrand. Through our collaborative and creative process, we succeeded in elevating their financial aid software solution to new heights, positioning Fame as a leading innovator in the industry, and setting the standard for the future of streamlined financial operations.

Chloe H.Lead Brand Strategist on the Project