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Zach Webber Big Red Jelly team member photo.

Zach Webber

Web Build Director

If Zach could spend every single weekend in the mountains hiking, climbing, camping, and fishing, he would. He and his wife enjoy spending time together woodworking, gardening, accumulating power tools, and going to bed before 9:30 pm. He is currently working on a podcast that brings short story authors and storytellers together. His eye for design and attention to detail is rivaled by none.

Our clients thoroughly enjoy getting to know his friendly, calm, and intellectual personality while collaborating on website projects. Zach graduated from Brigham Young University and played rugby throughout his time there. His passion for self sustainability is contagious, and he consistently sets an amazing example for the team on how to enjoy and excel in the work we do.

UX/UI Design






My Areas and Tools of Expertise

Why Woocommerce?

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What drives your work?

I want people to know who we are and who I am. When people talk about branding and building, I want Big Red Jelly to be the first thing that comes to their mind. Eventually Big Red Jelly will do more than just leave a mark on the industry, it will be an industry leader in setting trends in design and functionality. I want people to look at us for inspiration and know who we are.

What’s next in the world of web building?

As the world becomes more digital, people are craving more social interactions and a more “human” element. With so many options to choose from I really think that those companies and brands who focus on a purpose or social cause are going to see the most loyalty from their customers. The ones who are active and engage with their audience on social media, and listen to their customers feedback are the ones who will succeed. Social Media and an online presence has opened up the possibility for direct communication with your customers to learn exactly what they want and don’t want. The companies who understand this and embrace it will be lightyears ahead of everyone else.

Why is our Web Design team called the Build Team?

My Promise to You

One of our pillars here at Big Red Jelly is to put client success first, ALWAYS. When I work with my clients, I make sure they feel like they are just as involved in the building and design of their website as ever. I make our process as collaborative as possible so we can get the best result.

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