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4 Powerful Tools in the Wix Dashboard That Will Help Your Website Grow

By November 9, 2022Blog, Technology, Website

Wix is more than a website builder. It’s a full digital resource. The Wix Dashboard has numerous digital tools that provide an immersive experience. Instead of having to use multiple websites to help manage customer relationships, improve project management, complete marketing tasks, and view analytics, users can do it all with Wix!

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Every site needs a way to manage customer relationships. With Wix, this can all be automated and easily tracked, allowing for improved organization, efficiency, and happier clients. Here are a few ways the Wix Dashboard can help:

  • Contacts: Anytime someone fills out a form, orders a product, or creates an account, Wix collects their information and stores it in the dashboard. You will be able to view their name, contact information, and use them in marketing campaigns.
  • Wix Inbox: Wix’s Inbox works like a regular email platform, but instead of having to manage everything from a different system, it keeps all your leads and messages connected to your site! View entries from contact forms, reply to leads, and send new messages all while using the inbox.
  • Wix Chat: Want a faster way to communicate with clients? You can put a live chat box on your website! In this way, you can message back and forth with clients in real time.
  • Automations: Lastly, you can create custom automations to save time and effort managing relationships! For example, you can create an automated email that’ll be sent to a client anytime they fill out a form on your site. Or, if someone has left an item in their cart for 24 hours, you can create an automation that will remind them to complete their order. Even better, you can have the automation send them a coupon to incentivize the purchase. There are many ways you can create and use automations for a better client experience.

By using all these systems, you can manage relationships, organize information, and ensure that every client’s needs are met.

2. Project Management

Having a proper project management tool in place can ensure higher productivity. Fortunately, Wix has several features that make this easier than ever:

  • Workflow: A workflow is a predetermined process to help lead tasks from beginning to end. Using Wix’s workflow, you can create a system that’ll help you track, manage, and organize tasks to keep things from falling through the cracks.
  • Tasks and Reminders: Additionally, you can create and assign tasks to different team members. By setting deadlines for these tasks, you can keep track of these tasks and make sure they’re done on time.

To streamline these tools for higher productivity, you can create automated processes. By using Wix’s automations tools, you can reduce the amount of time spent manually moving, assigning, and leading tasks.

3. Digital Marketing

Having a workable CRM and Project Management system in place might not mean anything if you can’t grow your client base. To help reach more people and get higher traffic, Wix comes with a variety of powerful marketing tools.

  • SEO: After you’ve created and launched your site, Wix has an SEO checklist that will walk you through everything you need to do to be found on Google. Ensuring that your SEO is in place will help more people find your website long-term.
  • Email Marketing: Create a custom designed campaign to guide more traffic to your site! Your campaign can be as simple as a newsletter sent out to your contacts once a month. Or, it can be a coupon to peak interest for your offerings. There are countless ways you can use Wix’s email marketing functionality to help your business grow.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: Ads are one of the quickest ways to spike traffic on your site. Although the results won’t be as long lasting as good SEO, they can help you get started and find new leads. Wix guides you through this process, helping you design an ad, decide what you want the goal to be, and select how long you want it the ad to run for. The process is extremely user friendly and easy to follow.

Improving your marketing is easier than ever with Wix. They have every system you need to succeed and walk you through every step so you feel comfortable and confident with the process. If you already have a Wix site, now might be the time to get a campaign started or finish setting up your SEO checklist. You’ll be amazing by the results.

4. Analytics

Lastly, Wix has a list of analytics and reports so you can see just how effective your tools are. If you recently created Social Media Ads and want to see if they’ve made a difference, you can view Wix’s analytics to see for yourself. Here are a few reports Wix displays:

  • Traffic Overview: See how many visitors have been to your site and how long they typically stay. If they tend to drop off quickly, maybe you can spruce up your home page and add extra buttons to lead them further into your site. If you notice your site visitors increasing, this will help you know what you’re doing right and how to continue growing even more.
  • Sales Overview: If you have eCommerce functionality, Wix will show your total sales, total orders, top selling items, sales by location, and much more! By knowing these totals and being able to compare it to different reports, you can plan accordingly.
  • Behavior Overview: The behavior overview chart shows your visitor engagement in detail. Which pages have the most views? What is your conversion rate? Do you have any new leads? If your conversion rate is low, it might be time to brainstorm how to better funnel leads.

Wix Analytics goes into depth on how your site is doing and where you have room to grow. By viewing and comparing different reports, you will be better informed and properly guided in your future website endeavors.


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