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Building An Effective Foundation for Business Growth

Too many companies (especially small businesses) jump straight to paid advertising and complex marketing campaigns… There I said it.

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You spend hours studying Google PPC, setting up Facebook or instagram ads, reviewing your analytics, launching your paid ad campaigns, developing marketing material and monitoring your advertising or marketing campaign, yet… The results end up being subpar, or at best… ambiguous.

The natural analogy that I can draw here is one of cracks on the wall of a house. You walk into your living room and much to your shock, you notice some BIG ugly cracks crawling up the side of your living room wall… Oh dear. Of course, you grab the putty and paint to patch up these terrible, unsightly cracks. But what happens? A week later they appear again, and this time bigger, longer and more visible than before.

This is EXACTLY what our team has notice with the marketing and advertising strategies of countless small businesses. If you have experiences any of the following marketing failures, please listen up:

  • Low conversion rates
  • Unclear advertising results
  • Confused advertising messaging
  • Disconnected marketing campaigns
  • Low returning customers
  • Low monthly recurring revenue
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Frustrated employees
  • Unclear KPIs and goals
  • Low sales and marketing numbers
  • Declining revenue
  • And more!

We have spend years and countless hours studying this subject. And this is the impetus for our founders starting Big Red Jelly…

To DEVELOP a foundation that leads to more efficient, effective and faster business growth.

Too many companies jump to advertising and marketing campaigns when they are simply not ready! They have not spent the necessary time and focus on the following imperative initial steps!

  1. Clarifying your brand position and ideal client
  2. Developing you internal brand messaging: Your WHY
  3. Developing your external brand messaging: What makes you THAT special?
  4. Designing your brand visuals
  5. Implementing and managing your brand
  6. Building your online platforms and website
  7. Integrations the RIGHT online, industry-specific tools
  8. Optimizing your website
  9. Setting up your marketing automations
  10. Improving your online foundations, website speed, security, accessibility, support, etc.

Once these FUNDAMENTAL steps are complete, you WILL see significant improvements within your marketing and advertising!

This is exactly why our tagline is: BRAND. BUILD. GROW.

In short, as tempting as it may seem. Don’t skip these vital steps. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Growth Experts today and let’s help you identify key areas in your foundation that need to be improved so that you can increase your conversion rates, sales and grow your business.