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Customer Experience: How YOU Can Do Better

If you are involved in the business world, you have likely heard the name Qualtrics. On March 8th and 9th, our Business Development and Marketing leaders attended the Qualtrics X4 conference. They heard from the brightest minds in the world’s largest XM community and learned how to create transformative experiences to keep customers happy.

Qualtrics XM is a software that uses data to help businesses, brands, companies, and employees figure out what is going on with their customers in order to make informed decisions. To sum it up, they focus on making the customer experience better. 

Great customer experience is one of the most important aspects of a great business. If a client doesn’t have a good experience with a business, they probably won’t come back. Customer experience can be many things; getting to know your client, giving feedback, or providing good customer support. 

Here are some of the key takeaways our Big Red Jelly leaders learned at the conference, and why you should focus more on the interactions and experience you create with clients.

Interactions Matter

An interaction can be big or little, in-person or through email, but, regardless it is important. Martha Stewart shared this quote at the X4 conference, “all interactions should be transformational, never transactional”. When companies are trying to land clients, they must prioritize their clients’ overall experience to gain their trust and business. 

Let’s say for example you are about to go into a meeting with a big client, and you hope to gain their business (aka their money…). If your focus is solely on quickly meeting them, landing the deal, and then being done- you have already made a big mistake. 

Instead, your focus should be on creating an experience for the customer and making them feel important! This might look like asking your client how their day went or having a meaningful conversation. The impression you leave on your client will last longer than anything else! 

Make Business Human 

Would you rather talk to a robot that knows everything or talk to a human that can have a meaningful conversation with you?

Most people would probably choose the latter. A meaningful conversation is one example of how business can be more human. The majority of people’s workday and interactions with clients are conducted on a computer, which means it can be hard to act “human”. Fear not, here are some ideas on how to do that!


  • Seek out and give constructive feedback. Ask clients how you (your business) are doing and how you can do better. This allows you to understand how your customer is feeling and gives you things to improve on together
  • Be aware & respectful. Your client is coming to you for help, which means that how you treat them will be a make or break. Everyone deserves respect and it is up to you to give them that (no one likes to be talked down to). Be mindful of what you say about, and to your client! 
  • Live in the moment. It’s true, you do only live once, and usually, you only get one shot to land a client or one interaction that causes a client to choose someone else for the job. Being present and focused in your meetings with your client will give them a 10/10 experience. This will not only bring them back, but it will increase efficiency and maximize the moment. 

Creating a relationship with your customer is what will give you the advantage over other options! 

Utilize Data 

Qualtrics is an example of a company that helps you with this. Their software allows companies and businesses to find out the difference between how they think their customers feel, versus how they are actually feeling using data. Part of learning more about customers and making informed decisions is using software and statistics as a strong foundation. 

As the world shifts to a more technology-driven one, it is essential to utilize the data collected from consumers in order to make the best decisions possible! Data is a very crucial resource that gives you evidence-backed answers in order to decide what steps to take moving forward. It gives you valuable insight into the mind of your consumer and allows you to not only figure out what they are thinking but also how you can help them. Access to that type of data allows your business to create better goals and plans for the future. 


Customer experience is a crucial step in maintaining and creating customer retention. It is what shows a customer that you value them, and want to work with them. Creating meaningful experiences with your customer will be an aspect that sets you apart from competitors! 

How Big Red Jelly Can Help! 

After such an awesome week, the Big Red Jelly Team is excited to go back next year! If you would like to learn how Big Red Jelly can help elevate your business, schedule a free consultation here!