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Get to Know Connor Biggar! Our Support & Strategy Director and Build Strategist

By January 14, 2022July 12th, 2022Leadership, People, Success Stories, Technology, Website

Connor Biggar is the director of Support & Strategy and Build Strategist at Big Red Jelly. He is a major player and a strong asset to the team! He is from Pleasant Grove Utah and loves to be outside, specifically snowboarding, fishing, and playing with his two golden retrievers Wanda and Wilson. Connor received his associate’s degree from UVU with an emphasis in marketing. He studied at DevMountain where he mastered all things Web Design. Connor first learned about Big Red Jelly at a hiring event. He made a lasting impression on co-founder Josh Webber and started on the Big Red Jelly team shortly after on April 5th, 2021. In less than a year, he has done amazing work and become a huge part of the team and culture at Big Red Jelly. 

Connor became the Support & Strategy Director a couple of weeks after he joined the Big Red Jelly team. As a director, Connor oversees his team to make sure things are on track and getting done correctly. It’s his job to make sure that everyone is set up for success, both his clients and team members. When it comes to directing, Connor loves researching new ways to help the team learn. He wants to make their lives easier by learning new ways to refine their processes.  Connor’s role is integral to the Big Red Jelly team, as he and his team help clients stay on top of trends and changes in the digital world. The Big Red Jelly team is excited to see what Connor is planning in 2022!

Our office manager, Callie, sat down with Connor to help you get to know him a bit better. Check out their conversation below!

Callie: Hi Connor, how are you today?

Connor: I am doing just fantastic, another beautiful day at Big Red Jelly!

Callie: Alright, Connor, so let’s just get to know you a little bit! I’ll start by first asking, where is your favorite place to eat in Utah? 

Connor: It would have to be Happy Sumo because I’m such a sushi lover, and Happy Sumo is the best sushi in Utah in my opinion.

Callie: Wow, I’ve lived in Utah, my whole life and I’ve never had it! I’ll have to try it, that sounds good. And what is your favorite place to travel or favorite vacation?

Connor: Disneyland! Easily! If you say you hate Disneyland, you have lost touch with your inner child and you hate fun.

Callie: I totally agree! Okay, what is your favorite Big Red Jelly tradition?

Connor: I would have to say Follow-Up Fryday because, obviously, I like fried food, but I also think it’s great that we get together to do marketing sprints. I love reaching out to past clients and following up with lost contacts as a team. It’s a great way to keep in touch with our clients.

Callie: Follow-Up Fryday is a fun tradition, I love it too! Okay Connor, why don’t we start with the more work-related topics now! You went to UVU and DevMountain for school. Tell me a little bit more about DevMountain!

Connor: After UVU, I went to DevMountain, which is specifically a UX/UI and a developer course. So they teach coding and UX/UI design. I was there for a year and a half, and about a year after finishing the course, I returned to campus for a hiring event where I met Josh and MK!

Callie: Did you have a job before you went to the hiring event where you met Josh and MK?

Connor: I was a freelance UX and UI consultant and designer. I did this for about a year before deciding to go to that hiring event. I was just doing my own thing with my own clients. Then I decided it would probably be best to go get some experience with other teams, and also have that structure of being within an organization.

Callie: That’s awesome that you had your own clients before Big Red Jelly!  So when you got hired here, how did you first begin to prepare to work?

Connor: Big Red Jelly focuses on three site platforms which are WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. I had experience in WordPress and Shopify, not as much Wix, so I just got familiar with some of the tools that Big Red Jelly was using such as, HubSpot, and the themes that they use for WordPress and Shopify, which helped accelerate my learning right when I started.

Callie: That’s awesome!

Connor: Yeah, it went really smoothly. I think I had good enough experience in the actual web design process. But it was just familiarizing myself with those initial tools where the big learning curve was!

Callie: That makes sense.  Why don’t you give me an overview of your job? What do you do on a daily basis?

Connor: I am the director of Support & Strategy and a Build Strategist. Every day when I first come into the office, I take a look at any support tickets that have come in overnight and  assign those tickets to the team.

Then I go into my personal support and strategy clients and take care of any tickets, needs, or strategy phases. I also work on my web design projects, which is where I will spend the rest of my time usually. Often my time is spent where there is the most to do at the moment.

Callie: Where would you say you spend a lot of time at the moment?

Connor: I usually start and end my day with support and strategy because we are getting a lot of clients right now. It’s really busy!

Callie: What would you say has been the biggest stretching moment at Big Red Jelly for you?

Connor: The biggest stretching moment? I can say that one thing that I wanted to improve the most at Big Red Jelly was going to be my project management. Being able to manage a lot of clients at once. Some of the ways that the team manages their projects have really helped me improve the way I manage projects. I have definitely learned from others, which has been crucial with the 50+ support clients we have!

Callie: I am sure that was very hard to get used to at first, but it seems like you totally got that down! What was something that surprised you the most working in your field?

Connor: One thing that has surprised me is how driven a group of individuals can be. The people at Big Red Jelly are just amazing. I’ve collaborated and worked within other teams and I’ve never met a more driven group than the people here.

Callie: Yeah, I totally agree. People at Big Red Jelly work so hard. With your Support & Strategy clients, have you had a favorite that you’ve worked with so far?

Connor: I really like working with Savory Foods. They’re a Support & Strategy client, as well as R&R BBQ, which is owned by Savory Foods. It’s really fun to work with them. They’ve always got cool things going on that I update their website for, and it’s just been fun to watch. I’ve worked with them since I started working here!

Callie: Wow, I’m sure it’s great to have a continuous client to get you through your week! With some of your favorite clients, what do you think has made them so fun and easy to work with?

Connor: Because they trust that I’ll get everything done correctly when they send it to me.  Such as R&R BBQ – they send me stuff, I get it done, send it back, and it works great!

Callie: That’s awesome! Where do you see digital marketing and web design in five years?

Connor: I believe that the three platforms WordPress, Wix, and Shopify, plus a few more out there that are rising up, will continue to be the top. I think more people are going to start using those tools and agencies that use those tools. This is what Big Red Jelly does because these tools are so streamlined and are the best to use!

Callie: That is really cool. Alright, I’ll just ask you one more question to finish this interview. Where do you see your team at the end of 2022, and the next 5 years?

Connor: By the end of 2022, hopefully, we will be a lot bigger. At the rate that we’re growing, we should have 80 more clients, totaling around 150, which will be crazy! Hopefully, that’s the goal at present. More importantly, I see us being the team that you can count on. I think we’re already getting there. When clients reach out to the support team, they know that we’ll get back to them quickly and help with anything they need. I want the Big Red Jelly team to be known as the best support team in the next 5 years.

Callie: Very exciting, and crazy that it’s such a reachable goal at this point!

Connor: I am very excited about it!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Connor Biggar a bit better! Connor is a huge asset to our team here at Big Red Jelly. Check out some of his work by visiting our portfolio! We hope you get the chance to work with him on your next project. Schedule a call with our growth team, and ask to work with Connor!