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How Two Rivals Turned PRIME Drinks Into a Marketing Phenomenon

By June 7, 2023August 1st, 2023Marketing

Behind every successful beverage lies a carefully crafted strategy, and PRIME Drinks has done something right. PRIME has quenched the thirst of millions and made $250 million in its first year through its strategic methods. So, what’s the secret behind PRIME Drink’s success? Let’s take a sip and explore the untold story of their marketing masterpiece.

What is PRIME?

“PRIME was developed to fill the void where great taste meets function. With bold, thirst-quenching flavors to help you refresh, replenish, and refuel, PRIME is the perfect boost for any endeavor”. PRIME consists of different types of drinks including, hydration drinks, energy drinks, and drink packets.

PRIME Drinks first emerged as a joint business between YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI. Before they became friends and partners, they began as rivals. For months they took opportunities to trash-talk each other on various social media platforms. The rivalry came to a head when they decided to settle it with a boxing match, which gave them both more publicity than ever possible. Ultimately they were able to settle their differences and create an empire together (not literally, but you get the idea).

Logan Paul and KSI, “created PRIME Drinks to showcase what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners to fill the void where great taste meets function”. They took advantage of their massive platforms, loud personalities, and millions of dollars to create a viral brand.

Marketing Strategies

Logan Paul and KSI turned an idea into a popular brand in a short time span. Here are a couple of the marketing strategies they used to become so popular so quickly:


The most obvious reason for the company’s popularity is their wide audience. The duo used their combined following of 31.8 million on Instagram, 39.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and 28.3 million followers on TikTok to launch PRIME Hydration. They first released their idea for Prime on social media. The initial reaction was crazy, and immediately there was tons of hype surrounding the product.

Logan Paul and KSI’s decision to launch PRIME hydration on social media together was a highly effective marketing strategy. PRIME hydration is a sports drink aimed at young people and fitness enthusiasts, which is a demographic that both Logan Paul and KSI appeal to. Both influencers have a massive online following, and by leveraging their platforms, they were able to reach a vast number of people. They utilized various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their brand and engage with their followers. This allowed them to create a buzz around PRIME hydration, which helped to increase brand awareness and generate interest among their target audience.


Looking at Logan Pauls’s recent Instagram posts, appearances, and promotional videos/pictures is like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo” but with PRIME drinks. Logan Paul and KSI have taken every opportunity possible to spread the word about their company. By doing this they not only increase their brand’s visibility but also create a sense of excitement among their audience. With each post, appearance, and promotional material, Logan Paul and KSI capture attention around their PRIME drinks brand. The strategic placement of the brand in its content helps to reinforce its presence and engage followers.

Scarcity Marketing

First off, what is scarcity marketing? It is a marketing technique that leverages the principle of scarcity to create a sense of urgency and drive purchases. The concept is based on the idea that when people think there is limited availability or a time constraint on a product or service- they are more inclined to act on their impulse. When something is scarce, we tend to see it as more valuable and feel this urge to grab it right away.

Originally, PRIME drinks were exclusively available in the United States, leading to constant restocks and buying restrictions in other countries. The demand for PRIME became so intense that people resorted to buying and reselling the beverage. The situation escalated to the point where my sister’s school had to ban PRIME due to an underground black market forming during recess. Students began filling up PRIME bottles with alternative drinks and selling them to their peers. Eventually, in May 2022, PRIME was finally released in the United Kingdom and Australia after long-awaited anticipation. However, the online stock sold out immediately, and physical stores quickly ran out of stock as well, reflecting the overwhelming popularity of the drink in these new markets.

This example of PRIME drinks creating a frenzy in international markets highlights the power of scarcity marketing. By initially limiting its availability, PRIME effectively created a sense of scarcity, driving up demand and creating a perception of heightened value. PRIME Hydration is a direct example of how scarcity marketing can captivate audiences, generate excitement, and fuel the desire to acquire a product before it’s gone.

The Result

PRIME Hydration has rapidly expanded its presence, captivating not only the US market but also gaining significant popularity in the UK and Australia. Logan Paul has attested to the drink company’s outstanding success, revealing $250 million in global retail sales and $110 million in internal revenue, with $45 million generated in January 2023 alone. Logan Paul and KSI’s joint effort, coupled with strategic planning, have proven to be an undeniable moneymaking force.

The momentum of their success continues to surge. In February, PRIME Hydration secured the title of the official drink of UFC, followed by another impressive partnership in March, becoming the official sports drink of the Los Angeles Dodgers. PRIME Hydration hopes to partner with additional sports teams and organizations, in the near future. If they can play their cards right, they might be able to surpass current leaders of the hydration industry such as Gatorade.

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Written by Kate Crane