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Meet Bri: The Newest Creative Mind at Big Red Jelly

By June 7, 2023People

Meet Bri, one of the newest team members at Big Red Jelly. Bri is from San Diego, California and recently graduated from UVU with a degree in English and a minor in Marketing. Outside of work, she loves to weightlift, run, dance, and try new restaurants! Her goal is to run a marathon by the end of the year. One thing on her bucket list that she hopes to accomplish soon is to visit Italy!

What is Your Role?

Bri joined the team in March 2023 as a brand and content strategist and has enjoyed her role ever since. She originally found out about the job while completing an assignment for one of her classes. Her role involves client-focused work, building (including creating websites), branding, rolling out content, copywriting, and photo/video editing. She works to create cohesive content for brands in order to increase conversions!

What Do You Like About Working at BRJ?

When asked about why she likes coming to work each day, Bri highlighted the creative process, collaboration, and overall fact that she gets to work with others to create the best possible work for clients. She appreciates the encouragement she receives to be creative and is thrilled that her role as a branding strategist allows her to use her English background to create engaging content.

Why Do You Like Marketing?

Bri’s interest in digital marketing stems from her passion for promotion and how she can uplift a brand. She majored in English and added a marketing minor last year, which sparked her interest in the field. As a branding strategist, she gets to use her English background to create engaging content. Her clients come first, and she’s motivated to come to work each day to help them achieve their goals.

Working in digital marketing and branding requires constant learning, and Bri has been able to grow through previous internships. Her experience at two separate internships, one at a law firm and the other at a PR agency helped her understand the fast-paced nature of the industry and how things don’t stop.

Bri’s biggest surprise in her new role has been how challenging it is to sit at a desk all day. To combat this, she likes to take walks throughout the week. After a busy day at work, Bri likes to unwind by working out. She finds it helps her clear her mind, as it keeps her busy without having to think too hard.

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Bri finds inspiration from other people and loves all forms of art. She attended high school at an art school in California, where she was constantly encouraged to be creative. She actively seeks out opportunities to paint, attend festivals, and watch independent films in order to keep her creativity flowing.

Who is Someone That Has Been Influential in Your Life?

Bri’s dad has been influential in her career, as he has worked hard and found joy in doing so. He often says, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit,” emphasizing the importance of being a team player and remembering that it’s about the client. Bri’s passion for working hard is evident in her desire to start her own magazine, and she is already planning and experimenting with ideas. To achieve her long-term goals, Bri plans on pursuing an MBA.

Big Red Jelly

Bri’s passion for creativity, collaboration, and client-focused work has been evident in all she has done so far. She’s constantly learning and seeking out new opportunities to grow in her field. Big Red Jelly is lucky to have her as part of their team!

If you would like to learn more about how Bri and how the rest of our Big Red Jelly team can help brand, build, and grow your business, schedule a free consultation here!


Written by Kate Crane