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Online Tools to Take Your Business from Good to Great!

A well-designed, presentable website is good, but it’s not everything. Knowing what tools and integrations to utilize within your website can help your website become more functional, accessible, and ultimately more successful. Read below to see what tools we recommend for taking your website from good to great.



Making sure your site is user-friendly is one of the most important aspects of website building. However, it’s important to remember that visitors of your site will include a wide array of people, all with unique disabilities. AccessiBe is a great tool to use that ensures that your site is not only user-friendly but friendly to all users.

AccessiBe includes two different components that work together to achieve compliance.

The first is AccessiBe’s AI application. This includes a screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments for the blind and the motor impaired. To make these adjustments, the AI scans and analyzes the site using a “contextual understanding” process that learns the function and purpose of an element before fixing it. Pop-ups, dropdowns, forms, validation, menus, and buttons are also included.

The second part of our solution is the accessibility interface, which is mostly responsible for adjusting the user interface and the website design. This involves fonts, sizing, spacing, color contrasts, cursors, emphases, and more. Users have the choice between accessibility profiles, stand-alone adjustments, or both. The user just must choose the profile that’s right for them and fitting for their specific disability. An epileptic user, for example, could choose a seizure safe profile. This profile would dull colors and moving elements would be paused.

With AccessiBe, all users will feel welcome on your site and be able to navigate it with ease.



At Big Red Jelly, we know how important CRM tools are. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool helps centralize your business, by allowing you to store customer and prospect contact information, record issues, and manage campaigns; all in one location. It also allows all of this information to be available to anyone within your company who might need it.

One of our top CRM tools is HubSpot. HubSpot allows you a clear view of your entire sales funnel on a clean and organized dashboard. You can sort scheduled appointments, contracts, deals, and performance with ease. You can filter by names, owners, or amounts, or even create custom filters that best work for you.

Hubspot’s free CRM tools track all your customer interactions automatically, no matter where they’re taking place. You can sync with Gmail or outlook and record every meeting and call as it happens. With HubSpot, online workspace chaos can be eliminated. No more digging through messy inboxes or spreadsheets again!


Constant Contact

Another CRM online tool we recommend is Constant Contact. Constant Contact is an online tool that helps businesses achieve success through email marketing– which is more important than you might think. Email marketing is a marketing strategy that uses emails to generate measurable returns for your company by sending frequent emails to current or prospective customers. These emails deliver value to your customers, often in the form of engaging content, exclusive offers, and deals. Email marketing is continuing to outperform other digital marketing channels, including social media, so it’s important to not underestimate its value. Email marketing helps drive communication between your business and your customers and can provide invaluable name recognition. Constant Contact helps you send engaging, professional emails with ease, and build a strong list of email subscribers.

At Constant Contact, they take care of your email marketing strategy and automations and can be the thing that ultimately gives you an edge over your competition.


Calendly is an online scheduling tool that helps you schedule meetings efficiently, without all the back-and-forth hassles of emails. Calendly works with your availability across your various calendars, so just the days and times that work for you will be sent to invitees. When your invitee chooses a slot, the meeting is confirmed on the spot. Calendly will send automated reminder emails and even thank you notes, so you don’t have to stress about the nitty gritty of scheduling. Because scheduling is clear, efficient, and easy, cancellations within your business will go down and the stress surrounding meetings can be eliminated.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of various online tools that can take your website from good to great– and give you the edge you’ve been looking for over the competition.

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