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Sara’s Crucial Role in Big Red Jelly Integrations

It is crucial to have the right set of software and tools for your website to grow your online business. At Big Red Jelly, we make sure that these valuable integrations (live chat, forms, scheduling software, chatbots, payment processors, online memberships, you name it!) are properly set up on our clients’ websites for exponential growth.

But a tool is only as good as the data it receives. That’s where Sara Carrigan, our integrations director at Big Red Jelly, comes into play! 

Sara has been with Big Red Jelly for a year and first started as an intern. She received a BA in Business in Brazil and an Associates’ degree in Digital Marketing from LDS Business College.

Sara utilizes selling domains and hosting services in her work at Big Red Jelly. She highly recommends checking out the link to BRJ’s hosting for more details on our specific hosting packages.


Hosting is the most important integration service we offer. If you’re starting a business, just like how you need a physical location to set up a store and sell your products, you need a digital location. Paying for hosting services is simply paying your rent for storage space on the internet. Your website contains a series of files, images, and HTML code that make up its design. These files need a place to live and take up space in order to avoid them just sitting with no viewers. Utilizing a hosting provider provides a place on your webserver to store your files and also delivers files as soon as a browser types in your domain name. 

Helpful Partners

We know that not all physical locations are created equal. The same goes for hosting. We partner with LiquidWeb to ensure our clients have the best hosting experience. LiquidWeb is a US-based company that offers the best security, storage, and customer support in the hosting industry.

Once you have set up hosting, it is also critical to have features such as Akismet Anti-Spam Software (brand new websites usually get bombarded with spam emails) and iThemes Sync and Security (this allows you to update and back up multiple sites under one dashboard and also offers a 24-hour monitoring service).

Even the most beautiful website needs the right tools to grow. Sara’s work in integrations provides these tools in the most efficient way possible (and she makes it look easy!). Reach out to Big Red Jelly today to get hands-on help navigating the digital landscape from our team of integrations experts.