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So you want to increase your sales? You’re focusing on the wrong priorities…

By September 3, 2022October 10th, 2022Leadership, Marketing, Small Business

I’ve seen it time and time again… Startups, small businesses, solopreneurs, corporations, franchises, you name it… One of their top priorities is general the same: How can I increase my leads, sales, orders and customers?

The natural tendency here, to try and address this issue is to look directly at your marketing, advertising and sales campaigns, right? Surely, there is something that needs to be improved here, and when corrected I will see the sales growth that I am hoping for, right?

Well… Not exactly.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over 1,000 small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs over the last 7-8 years. So, it’s fair to assume I have learned a thing or too when it comes to what to optimize in order to grow.

Let me introduce you to the Foundational FRAMEWORK that we have developed here at Big Red Jelly. When completed correctly, your business, brand or enterprise will have the foundation it needs to truly scale. With a firm foundation, your marketing conversion rates will skyrocket, your customers will turn into a loyal tribe of recurring brand lovers, and your sales numbers will measurably increase from here forward.

So… Let’s get started building your new foundation for future business growth. Take your company through the THREE phases below and ask yourself if you can confidently say “yes” to each step, where are your strengths? Where can you improve?

Remember, build a strong foundation, and business growth will follow…




  1. Brand Discovery
  • Why did you start your company? What is your “why”?
  • Is your leadership on the same page here?
  • Have you shared this vision CLEARLY with your entire company?
  • What patterns are you seeing in your positive AND negative reviews?
  • What is your current brand pulse? What are others saying about your business?

2. Brand Research

  • Poll your employees, what are they saying are your company’s biggest strengths, and weaknesses?
  • Are they the same as yours?
  • What trends are happening in your market, industry and amount your competitors?
  • Do you understand exactly what your customers value?

3. Brand Strategy and Positioning

  • What is your positioning when it comes to price?
  • What is your position when it comes to value?
  • What are your top 3-5 unique value propositions?
  • Why should customers pick your offering over the others?
  • Does your team understand what makes your offering special?

4. Brand Story

  • Do you have an “elevator pitch”?
  • Does your entire company know exactly why your company started, why it exists and where it’s going?
  • Can you clearly and quickly communicate your value to your customers?
  • Is your business unique and/or niche enough?
  • What is your brand story?

5. Internal Branding

  • Has your vision and purpose been shared with your company?
  • What are your core values?

6. External Branding

  • When is the last time your marketing copy has been reviewed and optimized?
  • Do you have an official business long and short description?
  • Have you clearly outlined your Unique Value Propositions?

7. Brand Design

  • Do you have a brand style guide that your company follows?
  • Do your customers recognize and appreciate your brand image?
  • Is your brand identity unique, captivating and important?

8. Brand IP

  • Do you have a domain?
  • Is your email branded according to your domain?
  • Is your brand identity consistent across all online platforms?

9. Brand Implementation and Management

  • Who reviews and manages your brand
  • Is your company releasing your brand instead of policing your brand?



  1. Build Discovery
  • When is the last time you thoroughly updated your website?
  • Does your online experience represent the level of pride you have in your offerings?

2. Build Research and Strategy

  • Is your website fast?
  • Does it convert traffic to new loyal customers?
  • What are your top 3 website goals?

3. Sitemap and Menu

  • Do you have a strategic menu setup, optimized for conversions?
  • Do you have content-rich pages?
  • Do you have “showoff” pages and sections?

4. Tech Stack

  • Do you have a CRM?
  • Do you have lead engagement tools?
  • Do you have a lead magnet or attractor?
  • Does your website save you time or cause you headaches?

5. Layout

  • Is your message clear, captivating and convert new sales?
  • Is your content streamlined in telling your story?
  • Do you have a CTA on every page?

6. Content

  • Do you have original copywriting and images throughout your website?
  • Is your content captivating and interesting?
  • Does your content represent your brand?

7. Design

  • Have you considered your user experience?
  • Does your website elevate your customer experience or distract?

8. Automate and Optimize

  • Do you have marketing automations built in to your website?
  • Is your CRM property integrated for higher conversion rates and better sales?

9. Implementation

  • Is your website shared across all online platforms and do you have an SSL certificate?



  1. Web Support Discovery
  • Is someone managing your website and updating it regularly?
  • Do you have a web support team that you can rely on?

2. Strategy and Setup

  • Are your plugins, software and CMS all up-to-date?
  • Are there any broken links, forms or issues?

3. Security

  • Is your website secure and include daily website backups?

4. Accessibility

  • Is your website accessibly and compliant according to your industry?
  • Is your website easy to manage for your team?
  • Is your website easy to navigate and use for your visitors?

5. Site Speed

  • Does your wrest have a high score on Google PageSpeed Insights and GT Matrix?
  • Is your website fast on all device types?

6. “Defensive” Online Tools

  • Have you connected Google Analytics to your website?
  • Do you understand what a “conversion” would be on your website?
  • Do you regularly review your analytics and make adjustments?

7. “Offensive” Online Tools

  • Do you have nurture campaign or drip campaign setup for new website leads?
  • Do you have marketing automation in place that help close more deals for your business?
  • Do you offer valuable lead magnets to your visitors?

8. Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Are you tracking your current conversion rate?
  • Are you making regular content, design and structure updates to your website to improve your conversion rates?

9. Review, Repeat and Grow

  • Is your marketing, sales and website team all in sync?
  • Are you reviewing your analytics, making strategic changes and updates regularly?


Complete these steps, and your marketing and sales results will measurably increase. I guarantee it.


If you need help in getting started or have questions on where or how to begin. Reach out to us here.  We love to help business just like yours, get started down the path of a better foundation that we know will lead to long lasting business growth and success.

Brand. Build. Grow.