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The 5 Best Content Management Systems (CMS)

By September 29, 2022May 26th, 2023Blog, Small Business, Website

A CMS platform, or a Content Management System, is a piece of software that makes it easy to manage content and create a website. Normally, websites are written in HTML, CSS, and programming languages. CMS platforms make creating websites easier and much more user-friendly. 

There are lots of different CMS platforms available but which one should you pick for your business? Let’s go over some pros of 5 of the best CMS platforms available.

Everdime website styles on computer - Big Red Jelly build project


User-Friendly CMS 

WordPress users can use an extensive library of free and paid plugins to customize and enhance any WordPress site. Virtually any sort of customization is possible for a business through combinations of plugins.

Open Source Capabilities

Because WordPress is an open-source software, sharing or developing code between a 3rd party partner or agency can save time and costs. Partners can support sites by making the custom updates that an individual business might need. 


SEO is an important feature for websites to utilize. WordPress promotes the best practices of SEO by providing access to plugins, like Yoast, to make a site SEO optimized.


Adding a Blog or Online Store is Simple

With just a few clicks, you can add a store to your Wix site and start to accept customer payments. Wix’s extensive app market is a quick and easy way to extend Wix’s eCommerce functionality. 

Easy to Use for Beginners 

The setup literally follows the drag and drop function, meaning users literally drag and drop elements wherever on a site. Tools and templates are available to help in design but the basic elements are straightforward to figure out.  

Provides Hosting 

Wix’s hosting service is included with every Wix plan. But Wix websites will need to stay stored on Wix’s servers. Wix sites can’t change hosting services. 


24/7 Support Through Live Chat, Phone, and Email

Shopify teams are available at all hours to help out with store owners with any technical problems that arise. If for whatever reason, they can’t be reached, there’s plenty of documentation available online to also provide guidance.  

Multiple Payment Processors

Shopify provides access to a wide number of payment processes to help make the customer checkout process easier. The easier the process, the more likely sales increase.

Market Campaign Syncing

Online stores rely heavily on marketing. Shopify makes it easy to connect a marketing campaign and create landing pages. With the app store, online stores can find tools to help marketing needs by creating coupon codes, limited-time discounts, and store credit systems to bring in more customers.


Large Page Limits

Squarespace can support up to 1,000 pages, unlike other platforms. This means that it can support sites with large content or a fast-growing business. 

Free SSL Included With Plans

Anytime a user registers and purchases a domain, free WHOIS privacy, and SSL certificate is built into the purchase. 

Optimized Themes and Designs

Squarespace offers website themes that are optimized for all device types to make a stunning website or online store.


Templates are Mobile Responsive

With Webflow, they provide hundreds of template collections that are mobile responsive. Meaning the templates are made to display across all device types. 

Flexible Pricing

There are many different plans that Webflow offers. Since there are so many it becomes more confusing to try and figure them out. But because there are so many it’s possible to find and choose the best one based on a website’s requirements. 

Support Material

Webflow provides material in the form of videos and courses to help users with customization or issues that may arise.

All of these CMS platforms are popular website builders, and they are good at designing effective websites. Some are within a decent affordable range while others are a bit more expensive. Others are more intuitive than the rest and some platforms have a steep learning curve in using them. 

Big Red Jelly specializes in WordPress, Wix, and Shopify web design. With our expertise in web design in these platforms, Big Red Jelly provides our clients effective guidance in the world of CMS and finding the right fit. Schedule a consultation to find out what Big Red Jelly can do for your business’ website.

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