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What’s the Hype over AI All of a Sudden?

By February 13, 2019July 22nd, 2021Technology

What’s the Hype Over Artificial Intelligence all of a Sudden?

AI. What is the hype around Artificial Intelligence and why now? What is the difference between hp elitebook vs zbook?

Artificial Intelligence, AI is computer intelligence and machinery combined with human touch and reaction according to Technopedia. This includes speech recognition like Siri or Alexa, self-driving cars like Tesla, customer support like Cognito, recommending shows or movies like Netflix, recommending music like Spotify and so on. Our thermostats, watches, vacuums, they all are using AI to produce the work we want.

So what about companies using AI to select employees? Companies like JPMorgan Chase, Delta Airlines, Unilever, Oracle are just some of the companies using a digital interview software that uses AI. The digital interview software offered by HireVue, Montage Talent and more are popping up during recruiting processes.

Why should we be looking into this more? This digital interviewing software is using AI to recruit and hiring the “best” people. Companies that use software with AI are creating ethics behind AI. HireVue lists their ethics behind AI and explains the principles they have put in place.

Artificial Intelligence is something to be aware of. Know what software you are using with it to better aware of yourself. It’s better to learn the facts and understand the ethics behind it.  AI is all around us. It isn’t something new and it’s not going away.

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