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Why Should You Consider E-Commerce?

By August 30, 2019May 19th, 2021Marketing

In a world full of business and technology we have the option of choosing to purchase something online instead of going to three different stores just to find the one product that we need. When we find something that we deem worthy of having, looking through different shops online can help anyone find exactly the product they were thinking about, in just the way they imagined it. On the flip side, if you personally look for a product that can’t be found you have the option of opening up a small shop and selling your own goods that way. 

The practice of purchasing or selling goods online is called E-commerce (crazy it has a name, I know!). To put it simply, E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet. With the knowledge of E-commerce, the question that must be answered next is, why is this such a beneficial practice; besides the obvious reasons stated above.

E-commerce is beneficial to anyone who takes part in the action. 

Top Advantages of E-commerce

Overcome Geographical Limitations

The biggest advantage of e-commerce is the ability to buy or sell a product all over the world. You’re no longer limited to purchase things just within your community, you can now purchase things in other countries and likewise, you have the chance to sell to someone state lines and across country lines.

Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility

The best part about e-commerce is the fact that your site has the chance to show up on the top of a search engine. When someone looks for ‘shoes with flowers on them’ and your shop has shoes just like that: your product will show up on the search page and bring in more customers!

Locate the Product Quicker

When shopping through a store, it can be slightly difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for and may become frustrating when a store doesn’t have what you came for (even when you called in beforehand and they said they had it!) Instead, you can watch the product online and see when they have what you need in stock. Sometimes they have a product online that they don’t have in store and therefore, more sells will be created.

Eliminate Travel Time and Cost

Having the option to purchase something online gives the added benefit of buying something wherever you are. You can do it at home, while working, while at a friend’s house and decide you need the exact toaster they have. Having this option, you no longer have to take time out of your day to drive across town just for a toaster. Instead, you can place the product in your cart and continue on with your day if you decide to purchase later on. The control is completely in the buyer’s hands, you as the customer who purchases has all of the control in your hands (literally if you’re purchasing with your mobile device).

Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying

The retailer then has the opportunity to add coupons or deals and possibly get more business just through the small bargains they create. People are more likely to buy something with a coupon and often times end up buying more because they have some of the purchases reduced.

In other words, when e-commerce came into the playing field, it changed everyone’s life forever. Whether good or bad, however, you want to define it: our lives were changed. Now we have so many new opportunities and it’s a way to connect with people all over the world. When you think of it like that, it’s beautiful and a magnificent opportunity for a wonderful new development. As the world continues to change, we can either jump aboard, become a part of the new mainstream, or I don’t know, something else a little more depressing.