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Why You Need a Brand in Place BEFORE You Build Your Website

By October 20, 2022November 21st, 2022Branding, Small Business, Website

It takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website. (8ways, 2019)


At Big Red Jelly, we specialize in both building brand frameworks and designing websites for businesses of all industries and sizes. Each one of our website designers would tell you the best projects are when clients come with their branding framework ready, whether that means they did it with us or not. 

What do we mean by “best” projects? We mean projects that sailed smoothly, stayed on track with time and budget, and resulted in a cohesive, creatively awesome, and exquisite website.


The Difference Between Web Design and Branding

It is commonly misconstrued that web design involves choosing colors, typography, and more.

While web designers play a part in selecting what colors go where that does not include deciding what colors or font to use in the first place. Web design mainly consists of configuring the layout of a site so that it is optimized for users and call-to-actions. A web designer decides where certain sections go, how they appear, what pages are needed, and what plugins and tools can improve the site’s appearance and experience. 

Branding is what determines colors and typography. When many people think of a brand, they only think of the logo — which is only one part of a complete brand framework! 

A brand framework includes a color palette, primary and secondary fonts, layout and color variations of your logo, and key messaging like a mission statement, brand story, core values, brand voice, and more.

Your Brand is What Makes Your Site Yours

When building your website, your branding is what a web designer will use as a guide when making your site. Without proper branding in place, your site will come out looking more like a template site. It won’t feel customized to or representative of your business. And without a cohesive brand, your business will not resonate or be memorable to consumers.

Consistent presentation of a brand has been seen to increase revenue by 33%. (Lucidpress, 2019)

People Have Personalities. Businesses Have Brands.

A brand sets up the foundation of a successful company. An incohesive website tells consumers that this business isn’t very professional and they will be hesitant to trust the site and think twice before purchasing. 

Starting with your brand, and building it out completely will only lead you to a more successful website which will result in an increase in traffic, revenue, and a loyal customer base.

Now that you know about branding and why it’s so important. It’s time for you to learn about brand measure awareness. Tracking your brand awareness is crucial is knowing how effective brand is.

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